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Pretty nails = Sure sign of a slut

I'm sure some of you have seen THIS article. It sort of picked up on my iPhone review and the issue of how people with long nails can't use the iphone, and and... it was featured on the front page of today! I was even quoted! Madness. Now I HAVE to buy the t-shirt with my awesome quote on it. I didn't know I am such a genius at creating quotable quotes! When I die, I'd be like Woody Allen with tons of websites just there for the sole purpose of passing on my nuggets of wisdom. I'm trying to think up one good quote right now but I can't think of any! Hmmm... How about, "People who die doing dangerous activities (such as attempting to climb Mount Everest as a double amputee/motorbike through 5 fire hoops) totally deserve it." Nope... Too long, too obvious. Maybe next time! I know! How about, " Females with long fingernails are whores "? That's like catchy, and totally true, isn't it? It has got to be, because I rea

GSS - now funny as well as awesome!

Advertorial I love the Great Singapore Sale! The words itself sparks a joy in me when I think of all the discounted pink stuff I can add to my collection! Haha! Sometimes I am even willing to buy stuff at their original price only to find out later it is on 50% off --- that's got to be the shioking feeling in the world man! Digressing, I've just managed to buy my dream luggage at 20% off. It's $180 after discount I think! How can people have a dream luggage, you ask. WHY NOT? As of all dream items with me, it's a shiny patent baby pink , and very, very sleek: Outside. The wheels are super smooth and the locks are so well-made! Inside... It's obviously a girl's luggage. No more numerous little pouches for make-up and toiletries! Now my luggage comes with many little convenient compartments! Me, very tan, with dream luggage!!!!! Chioness!! What I DIDN'T manage to buy though, is this: Fendi bangle in baby pink!!!!!!! You can go a

Indulgzence - Round 3 of yumminess!

Advertorial Yippie for me! Christin from Indulgz (Bistro) once again invite me and 5 friends to go for food tasting! I'd got to say I love their attitude. They are constantly coming up with new menu items and their new creations really never fail to impress the hell out of me. It's so exciting that every time I step into their restaurant (whether I go there myself or via their invitation), there are refreshing novelties to binge on! This time round, here are the people involved : Now for the customary pose at Indulgz's front door: I was trying to act chio but end up looking grumpy... Bah!! With QQ. My hair looks really blonde without flash!! We start off the exciting meal with some cocktails. All of Indulgz's cocktails are created in-house and are one of a kind! Cocktail 1: Olivia The name Olivia is inspired by one of Indulgz's staff. Apparently, Olivia is a very sunshiney -type of girl (but a tad wild still) and is loved by everyone!