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My videos are awesome

New videos yo! XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE Going Blonde Ever thought of dyeing your hair blonde? It's not as simple as a tub of bleach man! A lot of effort one ok! Got guest appearance by Kaykay. Click to see. :D CHICK VS DICK The Poker Challenge Kaykay faces Paul Twohill in strip poker. Will kaykay lose all her clothes? Just joking la, it's normal poker! But still very funny nonetheless! Paul makes Kaykay hoping mad again, and for me, that's always fun to see. HAHAHA!! CRACK COMEDY Literal waitress What happens when a waitress takes your orders literally? Click to find out! If you got any suggestions for Guide to Life or Chick VS Dick episodes, like for example, you want to see a video guide on how I brush my teeth, etc, do send an email to ! Your suggestion might just be taken up! Lastly, here's my radio interview with Rosalyn Lee on 98.7FM. I love you Rozzie and the crazy intern!! muah muah!! How come some people'

Be Absolutely You

Advertorial sponsored by Kimberly Clark Ok here's a fair warning... BOYS GO AWAY! This is a girl's entry and purely for females only! I told you to go away!! Fine! Read it if you want! I'm gonna be talking about PERIODS! Frankly, I hate having my period. Everytime it arrives, it reminds me of my early secondary school days when I would get cramps so horrific I can honestly just faint man! But thinking back now, I realised I don't really hate periods that much anymore. They are more of a come-and-go thing for me and don't really bother me much. Gone are the secondary school days of staining skirts! And why am I the one who's always washing people's skirts for them as they hide in the toilet??! (BTW I once used chalk/liquid paper to cover up my stain coz my uniform was white. Haha... My mother wasn't pleased.) As medicine is invented for my cramps, other things are also invented that are a God-sent. Such as pads so thin: Kotex Soft and Smoo

A general article on my general thoughts on Plagiarism on blogs

I wonder how you all will react if tomorrow you find out that a lot of my blog entries were plagiarised? Copied wholesale from other sources. Other people's jokes, opinions, information etc... all passed off as if they were my own ideas? Personally I think that the lowest a blogger can hit. A blog is meant to be an outlet for your thoughts and opinions - so if you have none, why bother to have a blog at all? Why would anyone's blog be sewn together by bits and pieces of other people's ideas? That's just unfathomable to me. Excuses people commonly give: "I don't know how to write so I have to copy" - Better write shittily, or don't write at all; rather than copy. "It's a personal blog" - Blogs are never personal, even the locked ones. Besides, as my current saga has taught me, it is NOT ok to anyhow write whatever I want on my "personal blog", right? "I didn't know I had to cite" - Sorry, but ignoranc

Thanks for the many supportive emails!

So many of you emailed me! Very touched. And to the person who donated USD$100... Thanks! As you've maybe seen on Straits Times, I am NOT going to apologize to Dawn. As I said, if she wishes to embarrass herself she can go ahead and sue me. Those who live in glass houses should not be throwing rocks. Got something to clarify though. I know many of you have asked me for my bank acct no or my paypal email, but there is still no need to donate anything right now. I can still afford it as of now... not THAT poor la!! Hahaha!! If she decides to go ahead with the lawsuit I'll inform you guys. :D Something's wrong with me lor... I keep waking up damn early and sleeping damn early recently. But I am happy! Tomorrow going to 98.7FM for radio interview with Rozz and Shan at 5pm... Maybe another radio interview with 91.3FM and Power 98. Those still tentative. I also finally watched BATMAN!! Is the joker funny or WHAT?? It saddens me to think that Heath Leger (did I spell cor

Lawyer's letter

Since I've been accused that this is a publicity stunt, and also, since some of you have requested to see it, here is Dawn's lawyer's letter to me. Comments are not allowed. If you wish to tell me anything, please email me instead. Loves~! Thanks for the support, guys. UPDATE: Shuyin just told me this entry LOOKS as if I am apologizing. I am not. I am merely showing you the contents of her letter, which includes her desired template for my apology. I repeat. This letter does not in any way represent my decision whether or not to comply to its contents. UPDATE 2: I have blurred out the contacts on the lawyer representing her out of professional courtesy.

I am ok!

Boohoo! Poor me being threatened with a lawyer's letter! Yes yes, I know my pre-surgery nose is on the cover page of Straits Times!! Gross! They asked me for a photoshoot but I was too tired yesterday so I declined. Oh well!! Totally regret it now! Anyway, I'm gonna go see my lawyer on Monday to discuss the case. We'll see what happens from there then. Gross, ST! Props for the neutral POV (I thought they would be biased coz someone's from Stomp) but boo on the "reigning queens"!!! This whole thing started with me saying I don't want to be compared with her, and it ends with me still being compared to her!! Nabehness. And no, I DO NOT NEED EXTRA HITS . It was maintaining at a steady 20,000 before... Even if it is 50,000 now, the ad prices are still the same! I can definitely report I am not earning any more than usual. Thanks to the people who offered to donate money to help my cause. It is very touching!! Especially to those who offered hundreds...

New vid updates!!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE I give famous and non-famous hawker food taste tests to see if there is a difference! See, I'm so kind... Now you will know if it's worth it to wait 45 mins for your hokkien mee. CRACK COMEDY Think your job interview was tough? Wait till you check this out! CHICK VS DICK Woo this ep of C vs D is my favourite ever!! Paul and KK try to style each other and it's hilarious!! (Btw the concept also suggest by me hor... I am awesome) That's all for now!!

20 Of My Bestest Purchases!!!

Thanks for the comments. Some may not have been published but rest assured I read them all! So far, no lawyer's letter from beautiful Dawn, although she did delete the line on her blog that says she accepts my apology. Oh well! She also added that I upped her hits to 30,000 (I upped mine too! Now 50,000! Who want to advertise??). Since bloggers earn money based on hits, I guess I didn't cause her any losses but instead gave her some gains then, huh ?? So what's there to sue about? LOL!! She ought to be thanking me, really!! -insert xanga heart smiley- Oh dear Dawn Wayang is down! Wonder why? Anyway, the new site seems to be up here . I do not endorse anything that's written inside, as they are all lies, it seems to me. Lies! Why do you slander Dawn so, Mr Wayang?? You must be just jealous! Here's a blog entry I wrote halfway a million years ago, to applease you all. ***************** Sometimes, you buy some non-descript stuff and it turns out to be so absolu

1,2,3... poof

Hello ya all! As you may, or not may not, have noticed, I've decided to delete all Dawn-related entries. This thing has been implicating too many other people (such as Arissa and Royston and etc etc)... this is my main reason. Reason 2 is that I guess Dawn is in enough shit as it is. I may dislike her (online persona), but I don't have a bloody heart of stone. I've been lectured by people (irl), and I guess I don't have to be so... relentless. I feel a bit bad. I was very annoyed by Noel when I wrote the 3rd entry, I guess. Reason 3 is that I don't want to face a potential lawsuit. I don't have the time for this. Blah blah blah be brave fight her etc... You go and fight la! It's not you, of course easy for you to say. Lao niang got no money lor! Right now my bank got about 3k, hire semi LJ lawyer!? I mean, of course Dawn could still be going ahead with it la, but there's nothing I can do about that now. If I become bankrupt Wongsie told me that I can