Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Be Absolutely You

Advertorial sponsored by Kimberly Clark

Ok here's a fair warning... BOYS GO AWAY! This is a girl's entry and purely for females only!

I told you to go away!!

Fine! Read it if you want! I'm gonna be talking about PERIODS!

Frankly, I hate having my period. Everytime it arrives, it reminds me of my early secondary school days when I would get cramps so horrific I can honestly just faint man!

But thinking back now, I realised I don't really hate periods that much anymore. They are more of a come-and-go thing for me and don't really bother me much.

Gone are the secondary school days of staining skirts! And why am I the one who's always washing people's skirts for them as they hide in the toilet??! (BTW I once used chalk/liquid paper to cover up my stain coz my uniform was white. Haha... My mother wasn't pleased.)

As medicine is invented for my cramps, other things are also invented that are a God-sent.

Such as pads so thin:

Kotex Soft and Smooth Ultrathin with wings

(Amazing hor...? And ultra absorbent too!)

The experience of having my period has come a long way since Feb 6 1995 when I first got it.

Yes! I still remember the exact date ok! I ran to my mother and told her, expecting her to hug me and exclaim, "Yes! You are finally a woman my little baby girl!" but she did nothing of that sort.

In fact she just nonchalantly gave me a pad.

A super thick pad!!

Nowadays periods are so much easier. Pads have improved drastically since 1995, and from slim, they become thin, and now... ultrathin!

They are no longer so heavy they make your panties look like diapers.They no longer leak from the sides.

My grandmama told me that during HER time, when pads were still not invented, women had to use pieces of cloth! And the women had to wash their own cloths coz they cannot afford to waste like that!


Can you imagine?? So yeah I guess we shouldn't complain about the circa 1990s thick pads.

There can now be so much freedom when it comes to that time of the month. BE ABSOLUTELY YOU!

As long as you use a good brand you can trust (Kotex for me!), you can still go about dancing, jogging etc. No problem. Especially with the super long kind that will never, ever leak. (Unless you are extremely filthy and don't change for 3 days la)

And of course, the best thing about having your period is knowing you are not pregnant. Eh... If you are not ready la. Which I am not, so it's always good for me. If you want to get pregnant and you are not.. Well erm... good for your husband/bf I guess!! Ok... awkward... Moving on!

I was at Watsons the other day and I saw this on the shelf:

Everything is so prettified nowadays!

The flora box contains:

1) Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin 23cm 20 pcs
2) Kotex Soft & Smooth Overnight Ultrathin 28cm 10pc

Kotex Soft and Smooth Ultrathin pads - 28 cm

Now in a minute 5 pc pack!

This chic little package is really convenient as it is super tiny and can fit into any small bag! It only has 5 pads inside. It's awesome for travelling.

After using up the pads, you can use it...

To put your own stuff!

I imagine if you buy a lot of these and keep the boxes you can build a mini-cupboard with them. Haha!

Can also cam-whore with it!!

Hahaha... So boh liao.

So anyway, advertorials always end with a bit of goodies for the readers.

This one is a DAILY lucky draw!

Everyday there is a winner, and you can be a winner more than once!

To enter, easy - just call 1800-6222-888!

With every purchase of $5 of Kotex Ultrathin products, you can stand to win $100 everyday! This starts from 1st July to the 15th of August - 46 long days.

If you still didn't win, fret not! Your entry will then be snowballed for the grand draw of $1,000! Sheesh, I don't mind getting that man. I'd totally get loads of Juicy stuff...! *salivating at the thought*


Get Kotex now! As my grandmama always says, don't wait until want to shit then go build the toilet bowl. *nods wisely in agreement*

p/s: Eh hello?? Reason why there are other bloggers blogging about this too is coz it's the advertiser's initiative? Nobody's copying anyone else as the drafts were all sent in before any publishing was done. OH GOD! People can be so stupid.