Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks for the many supportive emails!

So many of you emailed me! Very touched. And to the person who donated USD$100... Thanks!

As you've maybe seen on Straits Times, I am NOT going to apologize to Dawn.

As I said, if she wishes to embarrass herself she can go ahead and sue me. Those who live in glass houses should not be throwing rocks.

Got something to clarify though. I know many of you have asked me for my bank acct no or my paypal email, but there is still no need to donate anything right now. I can still afford it as of now... not THAT poor la!!

Hahaha!! If she decides to go ahead with the lawsuit I'll inform you guys. :D

Something's wrong with me lor... I keep waking up damn early and sleeping damn early recently.

But I am happy! Tomorrow going to 98.7FM for radio interview with Rozz and Shan at 5pm... Maybe another radio interview with 91.3FM and Power 98. Those still tentative.

I also finally watched BATMAN!! Is the joker funny or WHAT?? It saddens me to think that Heath Leger (did I spell correctly ah?) will never be able to act in that role again... Maybe they should get T-bag (Theodore Bagwell) from Prison Break?

I think Heath's perverse lip-licking is inspired from T-bag lor! But dead, cannot confirm with him.


Omg... I think batman doesn't want to kill him coz he also secretly thinks the joker is damn funny.

My favourite part was when the Joker was in the truck's passenger seat, and his driver got shot dead. He scooted to the driver seat, pushed the corspe aside, and politely told the corspe, "Sorry, got to drive..." and then kicked the corspe out of the truck.

AHAHAHAHAHHA!! I laughed DAMN HARD CAN!! It's just really funny! But to my horror, the entire theatre of people didn't laugh at all... Not funny meh? I think it's very funny leh! At this rate, my movie script will be a total flop lor!!

Oh sorry actually my favourite part is Joker dressing up as a NURSE!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! GINGER WIG!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

He very irritating lor keep telling people about his scar stories! Like those pesky evangelists!!

Then people not interested to listen he threaten people with his knife! Where got like that one?


Ok la I am off to play Mario VS Luigi before I sleepytime. It's 10pm lor! Gross. Zzzzzzz

(Comments regarding lawsuit is disallowed)