Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yet another update - And I am not happy

Ok, here we go! First of all, comments are not disabled, don't worry! It's just that right now Haloscan is down (ok it's up again).

In response to Dawn's kindly acceptance of my insincere (deemed by her) apology, I'd like to say a few things.

This is going to be a long, long entry. And also, since I do not want to be shot with another law threat, I will prefix every other sentence with "I think".

All the following are my personal opinions, and as I am highly untrustworthy, I urge the public to not believe anything I say as they are mostly ficticious. Even those things I should mention later are facts are not facts. They are stories spun by myself as I am a little mentally demented. Now I can begin.


Dawn sent me an email today. Since she is so venomously hated right now, I think it's only fair I show you all her, erm, vulnerable side.

To be honest, I felt a bit guilty when I saw this.

But fact is, Dawn, I do not like you - to put as plainly as possible.

I think you trample on every value that I base my whole life on, such as Honesty, Candidness, Bravery, Individuality, and Sincerity, among others. Till this day, I think, you still insist you never went under the knife. I think I've seen you lie about this on tape. I simply cannot respect that.

I think your blog persona amplifies suppositious fronts, hypocrisy, as well as what I detest the most: The lust for money rather than for the passion of blogging and making your voice heard.

It irks me, and I can't pretend I am not irked.

Nonetheless, whatever I think of you, I've always treated you with politeness, as you were always civil to me.

Numerous times in the past, I have also defended you and told your detractors that you are mild and harmless in real life. Plastic surgery is one's personal choice, and people who have something to say against it ought to fuck off.

However, dislike is not something I can control, although I can and have told you why I feel so.

You don't have to feel offended. I dislike a whole truckload of other people... In fact, it's tough to find me someone I like.

In my opinion, rather than bad-mouthing you behind your back and gossiping about you, I felt that telling the truth is always the better option.

I am sorry if you felt hurt from the blog entry you forced me to delete, but don't take it personally. Or do, if you wish to. The blog entry is not written by me, your acquaintance, but me, A BLOGGER - just like how reporters of papers are not being personal when they write bad press about stars.

You can hate me if you want. Just stop being nice, coz I don't want to be fakely nice to someone I don't like, and you being nice totally throws me off. o_O

OK, You weren't nice on your blog. That's cool then.

As for seeing each other in future, I have no intentions of salvaging a friendship, or going through the painful pretense of small-talk. Just ignore me completely, as you would ignore someone you don't like. I'd do the same.


You can see I highlighted the last statement in that email.

Dawn claims she never saw her manager's nasty emails to me.

Noel!!! You are doomed lor! Now, I think, even your artiste paiseh to be associated with you!

Or is she? You judge for yourself the series of emails that were sent from Noel to me (and vice versa), that Dawn was cc-ed in.

Not 1... not 2... But 7.

At least 7, since I omitted some.

When? Since yesterday at 8pm.

Count with me!





(Also highlighted what a boot-licking asswipe I think Noel is.
Stay for his artiste in a heartbeat! When boss is cc-ed in the email!
And some more try to preach to me!)



And the last


And just to clarify, MY agency is prefectly polite, patient, reasonable, and professional. So no Dawn, I do not KNOW HOW AGENCIES CAN GET.

Maybe Dawn didn't read those emails before she opened her email wrote her email to me. Huh? Possible?

Now that we've got the niceties out of the way, we can start tackling the things she wrote on her latest blog entry.

1) I've got rabid fans.

OH GOD! No... not rabid fans again?! So... Everyone who hates Dawn is automatically my "fan"?

(I don't have stupid fans! I am a writer. I have READERS. I'd never call people "fans"... A bit bu yao lian...)

2) I can sue XLX but she cannot sue me.

XLX posted up photos of me with photoshopped cum-shots on my face, repeatedly said I am a cheap whore, etc... I realllllllly don't see a parallel there.

3) If I had the guns to write about it, why not stick to it?

You are right Dawn... I cannot prove certain things. I certainly can't rope Jacky Wu in to testify in court, although he might bring some hilarity to my life if he does.

The statements I made were of my personal opinions. Maybe the rumours were wrong. But Dawn, I have to make this clear. I NEVER STATED THOSE 6 POINTS AS FACTS.

But if you want facts right?

Here... I've give you FACTS. By "facts" I actually mean lies spun by myself.

a) I think you never did join 98.7FM as a DJ, right? Isn't that the same as saying you failed to join?

b) I expressed incredulity that you earn your proclaimed amount. I never said it is a fact that you do not earn so much. I said, even if you do, it's probably from "hidden sneaky advertorials".

Is this fact? I think yes, it is.

Can I prove it? Yes, I think I can.

How? An advertiser sent me an email asking me for an advertorial. I rejected it. A few days later, it was shown on your blog, urging people to give the service a try.

No hint that this was a paid mention was on your blog.

Is it because you did it out of goodwill? A simple check with the advertiser will suffice.

c) Who you went on the Valentine's Day Bali trip with, is fact.

Let's call him Mr. R.

How do I know this?

Because I met Mr. R. at Zouk. Twice.

Mr R is 40+, I think. I've heard from some sources he is married, from some sources he is divorced, and from some sources he is single. Nobody knows! But he is extremely wealthy.

Mr. R was very happy to show everyone present, including 2 other witnesses, his digicam. In the digicam are pictures of Dawn and him. The photos include those of Dawn and him hugging in what I deem to be intimate poses (ie hands wrapped around waist).

I saw this with my own eyes, and so did two other people who were with me.

Whether or not Dawn had any relations with him is of course not something I can say.

Enough of the facts (ie lies I spun)... Let's go back to her entry.

4) I'd rather spend the money on Juicy Couture

AHHHHHH!! Super chioness! I just bought this from!!

Sorry, you where saying?

5) 2 big bloggers going out together,
what fun that could have been.............

WOAH! Sorry girl... Don't remember seeing you on Technorati's top 100 blogs of the world......

7)... spiteful incident where she posted pictures of herself
gleefully throwing away the
"Mandarin Cool" campaign postcards
with me on them.

Here it is. Go read if you want!


The postcard reads that Dawn usurped me as the hottest blogger in Singapore!

As I have proven in that blog entry, there is no quantifiable measurement of "hotness", and therefore I cannot be usurped!

Who gave them this statement to put into the postcard?

Perhaps it was somebody who keeps harping on this "hottest blogger" title?

I do not think I was being spiteful at all.

Why should I allow this postcard to be spread and have let people have this wrong idea that Dawn is the hottest blogger?

It is not true, and detrimental to my reputation and directly responsible for my potential income.

Furthermore, I was nice and chose to give Dawn the benefit of doubt that:

- She did not supply the Mandarin campaign people with that information;

- She did not check and allow it to be published.

These are very unlikely situations, yet I chose not to blame her.


Was I being spiteful??????? SPITEFUL TOWARDS WHO??

She's spiteful towards ME lor! She wants such untruths about me to be spread!

7) I penned hate sites before,
and therefore I am responsible for
Dawn Wayang.

NOW YOU BE CAREFUL THERE DAWN! If you are not careful I could sue you for libel!

Fortunately for you, I will fight with my bare hands.

Let me come clean on the blinkmummy/xlx impersonation thing. I should have done so LONG ago, and bravely stepped up to avoid all the shit. But nonetheless, never too late!

Here's what happened. Skip it if you are not interested.

One day, 2 other girl bloggers and I were having a drink at Wala Wala. During which, we gossiped about this other blogger called Blinkymummy. We all don't like her, although I never heard about her for ages... Dunno she die already not.

Anyway... So, in a little of a drunken stupor, we said, let's set up a "hate site" for her!!

One of the bloggers is a good friend of mine.

So back at home, we giggled on MSN, and did up the "hate site".

I used my own blogger account to do so.

As a joke, my friend and I thought we would use our own hate site owners' names, namely Xialanxue and her nemesis', to do write the site.

I loosely term it a "hate" site, but it is not. Unlike other hate sites where lies or bad facts of people are exposed, the site was just a joke. A spoof. It was not meant to harm Blinkymummy's reputation.

Included are childish drawings of BM's "byebye"... a 30 year old vulva so long it looks like an octopus and is used as a broom. I know!My friend's so mature, haha!

Of course, I contributed as well. But I don't remember what I wrote la...

I cannot remember the exact sequel of things, but this spoof site we created was not meant to be sneaky. I was prepared 100% to tell people I was involved in doing it. What! It's funny what! It was a joke between us girls. It was not meant for everyone to see.

Anyway, XLX got wind of it, and blew it up into a humongous deal.

Say that I dunno what IMPERSONATE him (I spoofed him, he is not important enough to be impersonated), and that I am a hypocrite because I said I hate Hate sites and yet I set up one anonymously!

I admit I was afraid. I was afraid to come clean because people were all already insulting me. But as time has now proven, the truth is always the best defence.

So anyway, I had to consider that if this thing blows up, it is not only ME getting the heat, but also my two other friends, correct?

Therefore we decided the best course of action is to deny we did it.

Right move? Terribly wrong. So anyhow, they managed to prove I wrote it, and blah blah blah etc. Even more afraid and of course I don't dare to say I co-created the site right?

Anyway, that's cleared up now.


This I swear upon the lives of my unborn children.

You've got to be kidding me right? Don't update my own blog and go and update your hate site? Got so boh liao or not?

But in any case, the hate site is quite smashingly written, I must say. Witty! I do like it! It does have a little of my style. :) Which is an awesome style!!

8) I am upset over being called a prefect
and she, the school belle.

Siao. I never said I was upset over that.

I am just disgusted that, you, I think, pretended not to be pleased to be called the school belle and wanted to be valedictorian. That's all.

9) We have a few similarities.

No Dawn... We are not similar.

I did though, find someone quite (but not quite) similar to you.

She is Arissa.

A little introduction.

Arissa (Zhen Shan) is a Singaporean girl who is studying in the states. She's extremely pretty, and comes from a very wealthy family.

She is 100% natural, and a friend of mine. Not close, but we do sometimes talk a bit online.

Since Arissa was in secondary school, according to KK, she was already infamous in Singapore. Already gorgeous since a young age, all the boys school and girls school people of their batch know her - and I dunno if KK is exaggerating as usual or not la, but she was saying how Arissa's features were perfect and she has naturally rosy cheeks that glow and be seen from a distance... etc etc.

Arissa's not only gorgeous, her lifestyle is enviable. She has all the gorgeous brands, hangs out with loads of famous people, and was in Vanness's MTV too.

Not only that, she has immense style and character. She's not your traditional shu nu. AND she is nice and smart.

Why is Zhen Shan not a famous celebrity yet? My guess is that she doesn't crave it. She's not a famewhore, unlike somebody...

Well... Does Arissa sounds like someone people would want to copy?

I would say definitely.

I, for one, was inclined to pierce my helix coz she looks so nice with it.

But how far would one go to copy somebody else?

To sacrifice all their individuality to
BE someone else?

This is Arissa.

100% natural - no Plastic

I won't post up too many of her photos since she is a really private person, but these photos are on her website, so I guess it should be ok.

If you want me to take it off ZS, please don't hesitate to email me: I didn't see you online so I can't ask you!!

And here's Dawn, when she first got "famous":

Coloured contacts? Check.
Eyebrows thick and brushed downwards? Check.
Head tilted down? Check.
Pursed lips? Check.

Similarities do not end here.

And they most certainly don't START from there either!

Even as a toddler......... they look alike.

If that's Dawn real, unphotoshopped baby photo, that is.
How would I know? I'm just a bystander.

Is this Dawn?
She never specified on her blog. How Eurasian-looking!

Feel like stroking one and beating the other one up...

Dawn's purple Balenciaga

Arissa's purple Balenciaga...

Oops! I mean Balenciagas. With an S.

But of course, it's just a bag.
Dawn's allowed to have the same bag as Arissa!

Arissa's stuff, posted eons ago.

And below, Dawn's stuff.

Do note the bluish colour tone of the picture(s).

Arissa's sports car. There is no need to say what it is (you can make a guess from the logo, huh?) - it surely one-ups...

Dawn's CLK or SLK whatever it is.

Freaky, huh?

Doesn't stop there.

Place Arissa is in?

California, LA

Place Dawn was in when she started her site?

California, LA


Arissa's school?


Place Dawn said she was studying in?



Arissa likes...

Murakami and dark fairytales.

Dawn likes...

Murakami and dark fairytales.
I think. I'm sure I read this somewhere before.


Arissa photos are of...

Her clubbing and the occasional
whimsical thing she sees/draws

Dawn's photos are of...

Her clubbing and her
delusions, I think.


Arissa writes...

In a whimsical way like [ t h i s ]//.

Dawn writes...

Well. I think enough of the comparisons.
It's never ending.

Which is why Dawn says... Don't compare!

And, my friends... one more for the night:

I THINK, before she got noticed Dawn used to go to Arissa's website and left comments on the noticeboard.

I THINK she then stopped leaving comments one day, and disappeared.

I THINK when she reappeared, she was a mini Arissa... but a fake one. Tries hard to imitate, but fails in every.single.respect.

The above is purely my opinion.

Lastly, about the armpits... I am sorry!! I thought that was a boob job incision scar. It appears you merely have a dirty armpit.

p/s: Wanbao called. They seem to want to focus on me cursing cancer on Dawn (it's a joke yo! Can't take a joke?!?) rather than any rumours on Dawn. I'm telling ya they hate me! Let's see how it turns out tomorrow.



Arissa's website

Dawn's website


Also... I don't think I'm being mean. I anyhow blogged some stuff, and I got slapped with a law suit. It would have ended there, but threatening to sue me was cowardly. So this time round I only write things I have proof of lor... Rather, my opinions with the proof that I base my opinions on. You don't have to believe me.

And as for how Dawn would feel... How's that my responsibility? She has multiple other sites all saying exactly the same things, in even worse languages. I am merely repeating them. If she doesn't wish for people to say these things about her, she has a blog, two hands, a brain, and she can defend herself - just like how she did by casting doubt on my credibility with the mentions of my hate site incident.

p/p/s: Please do not involve Arissa in this. Any comments that compromises on Arissa's privacy (ie her website, personal info, etc), or negative about her, will be immediately deleted. I'm sure you all understand. Thanks! :)