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OMG Mike totally proposed to me!!

Ok la, I was exaggerating. What happened was that one day I had this conversation with Mike: Me: "Why won't you marry me?!" Mike: "We are as good as married." Me: "No!" Mike: "Why no? We are living together, seeing each other everyday... " Me: "I wanna you to marry me!!!!" Mike: "But we are as good as married! There is no difference." Me: "Ok lor in that case I shall tell everyone we are engaged." Mike, laughs: "You do that." The first step nowadays to being engaged is to be facebook-engaged!! Therefore, this morning when I was very bored, I logged onto his facebook account and.... totally proposed to myself. I know... It is infinitely loserish but it is still damn shiok!! Those of you who have not been facebook engaged/married before should try it!!! AHAHAHA!! Omg I got a relationship status request!! Got heart shape somemore!! Mike totally wants me to add him

Problem solved!!

My blog is now virus-free again!! Thanks to Roy who helped me. The file was was infected was my blogger.gif file... Kuakua... All I did was to delete it. My blog readers are awesome!

Help help help why like this?!

OK.... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE TROJAN!!!! I already removed all links to awfulplasticsurgery!! What else can I do? PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! P/s: Erm hello? I don't think some of you understand. It is not ME who has the virus, it is that my blog is spreading a trojan ! What has scanning my computer got to do with it? I already did and my computer is A-ok! All I know is that the trojan's name is giframe, and it is spreading itself through a file called blogger[1].gif, if I am not wrong. Also, I probably got it coz I linked to, which is also spreading trojans. I removed the links but the trojan is still there. This is fucking annoying!! $100 to the first person to SUCCESSFULLY help me solve this problem!!! (Saying vague things like "try republishing your posts?" does not count.) Please email me at if you are some incredibly smart IT geek, thanks!! UPDATE: Solved! I think! If you are still gett

New vids again!!

OMG! I am so busy!! My freaking computer crashed AGAIN . I think I got some shitass virus, and I honestly can't be arsed to try and fix it so I just formatted it lor. Gah! Can you believe my luck? This must be the, I dunno, umpteenth time this year. HATE! (Thank god I don't have any saucy chatlogs with male celebrities otherwise lost how? Just kidding... I've got not 1 but 2 portable hard drives!!! I am that Kiasu!!) So anyway, I swear I'm coming up with the bestest blog entry ever!! But it is not done yet, so just wait for a bit yeah? Meanwhile I have an advertorial to finish too, and Indulgz also invited me for round 4 of food tasting so I am very excited!! Woohoo!! And hor, just to clarify, I DID NOT send Plastic's pictures to awfulplasticsurgery hor, thanks. Just so happens that the day before her pictures were posted up, I also linked that website!! Got more suay or not you tell me?!?!?! I swear I didn't know what the webmaster was going to po

Good stuff

Thanks for the nice emails and comments you guys left. It's great. I didn't know so many people went through similar plights too! The good thing is, now T's my friend again. And some other good news!! Tadah! Passed my advanced! I was in a damn glum mood travelling there. When I reached, I paid money to the cabbie and said to myself, "Ok, I go take the test already..." He turned around, smiled at me and told me good luck, so that really cheered me up. How come ah? It's so nice when strangers are nice to you. I had about 5 or so questions I wasn't sure of, so I anyhowly ti-kum lor. And passed!! It's so great... Now the tests are computerized so you will know your results immediately! Yup yup!! I booked my practical test too. It will be on the 5th of December!! If I pass it, I will be able to drive in USA (flying 10th of Dec)!! Excitedness!! Then I won't have to keep asking a reluctant Mike to drive me to the mall!!!!!! OMG!! Here'

Too much drama

Can't sleep.... I've got my advanced driving test today at 1130am, but my mind is so filled with buzzing thoughts I can't really absorb all that shit. Why is it that when you are in a higher gear your engine uses less power?? I don't geddit?? So. Yesterday night I got incredibly vexed. I wonder if it is true that when you gain friends you will also lose friends, such that your amount of friends will more or less be always equal? BFF auditions have ended, and I'm down to my final 2 picks, which I have not chosen yet. I like them both a lot, and of course, these are the two new friends I gained. As for the 2 that I lost... Well, it's a long story. Why not? I'll tell it to you. I've known Guy X for 4 years, and we've always been close. And then, about 1 year ago, I got to know Girl X . I like her a lot, and the first time I actually met her, I brought Guy X along with me. They got introduced to each other, hit it off, and started a relations


Here's an interesting nugget of info about me... Did you know, that before I got my own TV show *ahem*, I was a calefare ?? When I was 16, my dad had a friend who's a producer at the then TCS, and he went to tell her I wanna go into acting or something! Seeing my very-much-less than mediocre looks, she told me that I can start off working as an EXTRA on films, and she gave me the contacts of one of then agencies who are responsible for extras. And I "acted" in many shows! Ok la, I use the word "act" loosely... Actually I only walk around in the background. HAHAHAHA! Don't believe me? Look what I found! My old acting pass!! Hahaha!! Very super chou right??? And I was still wondering why last time nobody "discover" me!!!!!!!! What's with the half closed eyes man... How did my mother love me with such an ugly face?? So this Auspic or whatever company... Would dispatch extras to usually Media

New videos!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE BFF applicants I check out all the weirdos who applied to be my bff. It's fucking funny! Obviously the finalists are not these la. CHICK VS DICK The Orange Souffle Challenge Who is the better baker? Who made this vomit-looking concoction on the picture? Hilarious! Click to watch! CRACK COMEDY Irreplaceable We've heard of girlfriends who turn vengeful when they are ditched... How about guys? Maybe you should watch this. That's all for now! I'm busy with my movie script. Next entry I'm gonna post up old fugly photos of myself!!

Solved it! I think...

I've heard a lot of complains that my blog doesn't seem to load correctly for IE users. All that happens is a blank page. I -think- that the problem was the Nuffnang poll, which for some reason did not go well with my template. So I took it off, and my friend told me the page now can be seen! Sorry I took so long to solve this problem! If you also encountered the same thing, can you tell me if the problem is solved now? Thank you!!

Partying with the hoi polloi (sarcasm)

Happy day everyone!! I am elated!! I am most glad of all coz Munkysuperstar, my managing company as well as the production company for Xiaxue's Guide to Life, approached Dr Georgia Lee... Dr Georgia Lee is of course the most famous aesthetics doctor in Singapore, right? Right. AND SHE AGREED TO DO LIP PLUMPING AND BOTOX FOR ME FOR GUIDE TO LIFE!!!!! Happy beyond words can?? So yesterday I did lip fillers and botox on my jawline at her clinic (like exactly what Rozzie did for Girls Out Loud) and I AM SO PLEASED!! You know how my smile used to be very very GUMMY? Now, because my upper lip is fuller and more pouty, cannot see gums anymore!! And botox is done for making the muscles at the side of your face smaller so that your face will look thinner! The video will be out soon and I will post up photos also!! So far EVERYBODY said the lips are nice, but the botox cannot see much diff yet. DR LEE IS FREAKING AWESOME OK!!! I love her so much imma do free advertorial for h