OMG Mike totally proposed to me!!

Ok la, I was exaggerating.

What happened was that one day I had this conversation with Mike:

Me: "Why won't you marry me?!"

Mike: "We are as good as married."

Me: "No!"

Mike: "Why no? We are living together, seeing each other everyday... "

Me: "I wanna you to marry me!!!!"

Mike: "But we are as good as married! There is no difference."

Me: "Ok lor in that case I shall tell everyone we are engaged."

Mike, laughs: "You do that."

The first step nowadays to being engaged is to be facebook-engaged!!

Therefore, this morning when I was very bored, I logged onto his facebook account and.... totally proposed to myself.

I know... It is infinitely loserish but it is still damn shiok!! Those of you who have not been facebook engaged/married before should try it!!! AHAHAHA!!

Omg I got a relationship status request!! Got heart shape somemore!!

Mike totally wants me to add him as my fiance!!

I am touched beyond words!! Yes my love, I accept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sobs uncontrollably*



*hops around the room showing off non-existent 2 carat Diamond ring to everyone*

I know!! He loves me so much!! I am so blessed!!

*wipes away tears*

OK... That was really fun, even though it is a self-directed love story/comedy.

On a sidenote ah, I was told that an engagement ring is the one with the big diamond, and the wedding ring is normally just a simple band.

Then, after being married, girls wear the wedding ring daily, and the expensive engagement ring is then safely kept in a box.


If Mike spends $10k on my engagement ring and $3k on my wedding ring, then obviously I wanna wear the $10k shit everyday right? Why would I keep it in a bloody box?

That's just stupid man. It doesn't make sense.

I mean, it does make sense for most girls lah since they have to work and their rings can't be too bling anyway, blah blah... But whatever!

I want my wedding ring to be fucking ostentatious!!!

Please don't talk to me about how less is more hor!! That doesn't even make sense. More is more please! Duh!!!

Talk somemore I scratch your face with my humongous diamond ah!

So anyway, I have thus concluded that my engagement ring should be the simple one (I think maybe a row of smaller diamonds... ahem... for my more toned-down days) and the wedding ring shall be like...

Wait wait wait... I shall google!!


Here's my engagement ring:

In my process of googling for rings, I have decided that 3 rows of diamonds is infinitely better than just 1 row

Correct what... You compare!!

Kua kua... See? 3 rows of diamonds. Nice. Ahem. So much for toned down days.

So anyway, as for the wedding ring, I am inspired by this science teacher I used to have in River Valley. She's very pretty!!

And since I am so short and so talkative/naughty, I am inevitably placed in the front row of classroom seats.

In fact, I am not only in the front row, I am right in the middle, just beside the bloody OHP projector.

Everytime this teacher uses that contraption, her wedding ring REALLY sparkles underneath the intense light as she uses the hands to arrange her transparencies.

Bling bling bling... I spent hours getting distracted by her chioness ring!!

And her ring is a single humongous (or so it seemed to me at that time) solitaire diamond one.

Not 4 clasps:


Not 6 clasps:


But the magical number of 5.

I don't know... I guess its a small detail, but to me it's quite important coz I really do think it's much chioer this way!

Hahahaha!! Talk so much, skarly nobody even wants to marry me lor!!

Wait, why is this one so chio?

Pink diamond leh!! Are real pink diamonds even purchasable in Singapore???

p/s: We are not really engaged. I'm just being boh liao.

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