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Health and Hovid

Advertorial I've been sent a bottle of "Anti-oxidants" by Hovid, the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Malaysia. Quite frankly, throughout my life I've never taken health supplements before! When I was a kid maybe I did chew on those orangey robots vitamins, but that was it. Mike, however, is always popping vitamin pills. While I look at him, politely puzzled, he always just says "our bodies don't get enough vitamins" . I guess what he says has some truth in it, coz with all the junk we are eating nowadays, I think it is highly unlikely I am hitting my vitamins quota, and neither are you (if you are not some health nut). Therefore, health supplements!! This little bottle that they sent me says "Maxi Bio Absorption" and claims to have this thing called " Coenzyme Q10 " in it. What? I don't understand what that is! Fortunately trusty wikipedia is always around for things that matter (ahem therefore I'm on i

Siao one

Short post before I go sleep. I ordered Mcdelivery. Suddenly I received 5 smses! Yes, I got it, you "be reching soon". Before I even have time to read all the (grammatically incorrect) messages on my frazzled phone, he called me and announced that he is at the door. When Mike finally got the to door, he (Mike) told me that the delivery was giving him this du lan face. Like hello? You rushing go where sia??? Deliver more shit? And isn't it dangerous to be sending out smses on a motorbike? AND AND........ WHY MUST I STANDBY AT MY DOOR FOR YOU AH??? I take as long as I want to answer the doorbell, goddamn it! Actually I am not angry lah... I'm just quite amused. Why 5 smses? Maybe within Macs also got F1 race, then the delivery guys were all competing to see who can deliver the most McNuggets within 61 trips?

The bestest blog entry

With regards to my latest Plasticzilla entry, I've basically received these (bad) remarks: 1) Xiaxue you are just jealous. Because even without plastic, Dawn looks better than you. Ans: You are 100% right. Ok la maybe 80%, because I am not actually jealous. The point is, so? At least, I can safely say I never tried as hard as she did. :) 2) Omg you are so mean! How would you like it if someone also dug up your old ugly photos and posted them? Ans: Honestly, I don't care. I don't! You think to yourself, what the fuck man, you are just saying this because nobody has exposed your ugly photos. In order to prove how much I don't give a shit about what you people (and that includes 30,000 of you) think of my looks, I am hereby going to show you an array of my ugliest IC photos - with a timeline from 13 years old to 23 years old. If I don't care about what people think of my looks, why do I photoshop? Because 1) it is an art that I enjoy doing and 2

New videos!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE Bff challenge no 2! It involves a bikini! Who would be the best? CHICK VS DICK Wondering how Kaykay and Paul did their magic challenge last week? Bonus video! Finally, a magic trick that gets explained!! Paul makes Kay kay say some truly nasty things in this one. Don't believe me? Go watch! CRACK COMEDY Should Singapore have more homeless people? It does seem like they are quite entertaining! ******************** Happiness! Tomorrow I'm gonna see Lewis Hamilton! Thanks Nuffnang!! Mike's birthday is just over and I bought him a black DS Lite and Xbox's Grand Theft Auto. Total only $300++, but he is very touched!! Hehehehe... We went to eat a nice dinner and had melting chocolate cake with ice cream... You know the kinda cake that is warm and a bit crusty outside and the inside is molten chocolate? Mike told me that he is gonna totally marry me if I can bake that for him, so please provide me the recipe if you have one!