Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New videos!


Bff challenge no 2! It involves a bikini!
Who would be the best?


Wondering how Kaykay and Paul did their magic challenge last week?
Bonus video! Finally, a magic trick that gets explained!!

Paul makes Kay kay say some truly nasty things in this one.
Don't believe me? Go watch!


Should Singapore have more homeless people?
It does seem like they are quite entertaining!


Happiness! Tomorrow I'm gonna see Lewis Hamilton! Thanks Nuffnang!!

Mike's birthday is just over and I bought him a black DS Lite and Xbox's Grand Theft Auto. Total only $300++, but he is very touched!! Hehehehe...

We went to eat a nice dinner and had melting chocolate cake with ice cream... You know the kinda cake that is warm and a bit crusty outside and the inside is molten chocolate?

Mike told me that he is gonna totally marry me if I can bake that for him, so please provide me the recipe if you have one!! Hahaha!

The previous entry is not my bestest entry ever lah... Kua kua... Now I a bit regret saying that coz I am thoroughly scared it is not up to standard... Maybe tomorrow I shall post it.

Go watch the videos!

p/s: How?!! Nanolove is totally bullying poor Picolove!! I checked and both don't have injuries leh... Should I only start worrying when there are?

Poor Pico... Keeps getting pushed off the wheel by fatass Nano!