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Shit! I am so late in posting!!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE BFF challenge Part 4! BFF challenge Part 5... Now you can to see the final two! CHICK VS DICK Kaykay and Paul guess the prices of objects. And they get to keep the object! Hahaha! Meet Paul's science project: A penis volcano. He is so funny I swear!!! Happy Halloween y'all!!!!!!! I'm getting old so this Halloween imma go have dinner with Shuyin and Weili and after that, imma play mahjong again! I know right? My life is so exciting! (Am I a prude or what? I saw some of the costumes Singaporeans are wearing and I am seriously quite shocked by the level of skimpiness. Do you think it's ok to wear a bra top or panties bottom on Halloween? Is it just me? Am I getting old and narrow-minded????????) UPDATE: Quit quoting Mean Girls, you fucktards. I heard that shit so many times I could implode if I see another comment spreading that dumbass quote as gospel.

Canon scrapbook

Talk about photoshopping your ass off! I've been working on this the whole day! Anyway I'm just gonna post random "cute" photos I took with my sponsored Canon Powershot E1 . I'm not gonna go into product specs lah! Just look at the pics and judge the quality yourself!! Eh... My initial plan for a cute scrapbook was to go to Ikea to snap photos of people's babies. Then with the second parent I asked, I was rudely shoo-ed away before I could even complete my question! So I gave up on that idea and so... No babies! I hope you enjoy it anyway, and sorry for the lateness! Click here to also see what the other bloggers blogged, and vote for whoever you think did the best, ok! :) (I'm off to play MJ now!)


omfgomfg!!!!!!!!! I woke up to like 2 unpleasant surprises today! First, I was supposed to go to a business meeting today which I forgot about. So I woke up, saw Gillian's sms, and said, "What time is the meeting ah?" Gillian said, "It's over already lah!" Thank god they (munkysuperstar) handled it well without me and it went ok. TMD! THEN. Cherie from Nuffnang called and asked when I am going to post up my Canon advert. I groggily said, "Isn't it at 12am tonight?" She said no, it is 12pm (what kinda ungodly hour is that?) and everyone's already posted except me! AHHHHHHHRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Panic to the max ok! I intended to spend the whole day photoshopping, and I saw the rest of the girls' entries and they all put in so much effort and they are all so good! Madness!!!!! Please lah girls don't say things like I'm going to win can!!!?!?! I know you are mumbling under your breath "But you are what!&q

(Still) Damn good skin!

Advertorial Woohoo! You know how a lot of you are asking about my skin care regime? Well here's your answer! This is my second advertorial with Cellnique , one of the best products I've ever gotten due to me being an awesome blogger! Whee!!! You can see my first advertorial for them here . To be honest, till this date I still find that that advertorial is perhaps one of the best I've written. Maybe it is not as entertaining as those with more pictures, but it is certainly the most convincing! Why? Because everybody loves Before and After pictures, and these two pictures made sure Cellnique's famous Pro Sebum Gel was completely sold out in Singapore after the advertorial was published. Till today sprees are being held for this magic gel, and it is also not uncommon for it to be sold out in stores. The pictures: Thanks... I know my nose very disgusting with all those black heads. So anyway, now that I've piqued your curiousity - here's a pict