Candy updates


Can you say KAWAII NE???!


Someone at the designing department are hearing my long-time grumbles!

"Please," I pray every night, "Let there be more baby pink products that I can spend my money on. Thanks ah!"

Cameras used to be only black - and the swankier ones were silver.

Doh! BORING! We humans can see a few million colours, why only make stuff in silver and black??!

Dumb boy engineers all focus on the however spectacular amount of megapixels. All I want is a cute camera!

And this must be one of the cutest cameras around!

I am pissed coz I just bought my pink Canon camera - but not in baby pink like this. And not all retro and pouffy!

But I am happy, because Canon's gonna be loaning me this baby for 1 week!!

(Already I am thinking of trickery to make them give it to me... Maybe I stick it with diamantes and they won't want it back?? Somehow make it smelly? Nah... I don't want a smelly camera either... Oh well...)

Anyway, there is one way to legitimately get the camera - which is to win it!

With my new on-loan camera, I am to do an online scrapbook!

I will be doing this with 5 other female bloggers, and we are all gonna post our entries on the 24th, so be sure to come back on that day (at least guaranteed will have an update).

If my online scrapbook is judged by readers and the good Canon people to be the cutest, I might get the camera! Woohoo!!!

Actually this is one of the most exciting advertorials I've gotten. :)

See here for more details - Nuffnang has gone all cutesy too!!


New videos!


BFF challenge no 3!


The Blindfold Challenge

Watch Kaykay and Paul do stupid stuff blindfolded!!


How do straight designers behave around the gay ones?

Check this out!


The sun is major hot now so Imma go get a tan! Later I'm going to get my cotton candy canon camera (omg alliteration is awesome) and after that, dinner with Ming and Estee, and after that... MJ!!!!!!!!!

I washed my MJ tile with my xiangest detergent so it smells majorly nice now!!

My life is chock-full of happiness!!

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