FHM + Thumper partae!!


FHM Party

David, FHM's editor-in-chief, told me to send him a high res photo of myself a few weeks ago. He said it is for the Top 100 sexiest women booklet.

Startled, I asked him if I was in the the top 5 ugliest women in Singapore or something. He said I was being modest.

Turns out I am 53rd and got an award for it to boot! I am like the furthest you can get from sexy lor wtf!!

I got the World Peace Award. Thanks ah FHM... You guys very ironic and funny indeed.

Plasticzilla is 51st! Considering how much harder she tries to be sexy than me, I feel sorry for her that she is only 2 places higher than me. No wonder she didn't boast about this; it is impossible to take a screenshot of her position without me in the picture! Hahahaha!!!!!!!!


Enough evil laughter. The party, in a make-shift yacht:

With David. Who dunked the editor into the river?!

In case you are wondering, Andrea Fonseka is first and Kaykay is 7th! And her pic is also used as the booklet's cover!! Congrats Miss Yan!

My Thumper party

Big hugs and thanks to everyone who came!! Thank you Thumper! It was more like a birthday party than anything, with many many of my friends present. :)

Mike driving us there

Specially tonged va va vroom hair for the hair. I love it!


Eating food at Thumper before the party starts

Howard talking drunkenly to Joan

Sober enough to camwhore!

Zack (left) and his friend

Rozzie + me. Her purple hair is HOT!

Nuffnang girls + hot blogger chicks

Valerie (left) and her chio friend

Showing off boots! Please ignore my retarded face.

With Carol (black), her friend (yellow) and Kay kay.
You can see a glimpse of Kay's zhnged blackberry.

My lawyer is cooler than yours!
He even parties and wears bunny ears!

Anyway he is like fucking awesome or something lah! His intelligence scares me. I rarely ever meet anyone who literally thinks 2 steps ahead of me (the other way round got a lot). When people are still discussing point A and went to B, he is already at K or something.

Anyway he mentioned he doesn't like publicity so I mosaic-ed his face! Plus lawyer in fluffy pink bunny ears like not very hire-able.

My lawyer!

My lawyer!

My lawyer!

I know, I've just repeated that 3 times too many. But isn't it nice? You pay a couple of hundreds (at the least la) and you can call somebody "your" lawyer! It's like having personal mafia to protect you or something!

With talented composer Eric Ng and.... *drum roll* The guy next to him is JAY CHOU'S DRUMMER ALL THE WAY FROM TAIWAN!!


Me -> Jay's drummer/Eric Ng -> Jay Chou.

It's a 2 degree separation! Omgness he (Jay, not drummer) could fall in love with me and marry me! I'll tell him no... coz I love Mike... and he will serenade me with piano and song then I'll cry wildly coz it's so beautiful and we will embrace and part tearfully... WHAT? CANNOT DREAM IS IT???

Anyway I went to Ah Mei's concert and on stage she mentioned that Singapore has a lot of talented composers and she spoke about Eric!!

Doing Singapore proud man!!

With Ming... Founder of Nuffnang.

Just yesterday I checked my account earnings with NN and saw that the amount is rather obscene. Thanks for bringing so much joy to bloggers! By joy I mean moolah!!

I love Nuffnang!!!!! I 100% regret the the day I doubted your biz plan in that country club over Indian food! Now you have shown the middle finger to everyone who doubted you!! Woohoo!

Ming and Estee, me being extra.

With Pris. I love her pretty website!

My girls

My boys

Clara and Junne

With Howard, who urges Americans to not vote for McCain in case he dies and Palin becomes President.

Vyasa - adding to the brood of handsome Indian lawyers in Singapore.

With pretty Ann who is like seriously 3 metres tall

Bestie and Wongsie

With Weili

With Alyssa. We have met so many times for MJ and this is the first time we went out together with make up and chio clothes!

They are siao... Is Shuyin trying to be racist!!?!?! Can a Chinese being racist against Chinese? (Joking hor please, she is not racist)

Shengrong and Lewis and Wong

They keep snatching my camera to take photos of themselves.

My nice-smelling boots

Hehe... I love my backless tank top dress from VS!

People drinking water also want to traumatize.

Must show off boots.
Yes the heart covers my undies.
Whatever lah prude!

Me and Shuyin's blings

That's it for today! I got loads more pics but I'm damn busy. :(

I apologize for the barrage of advertorials. Some were meant to be published last month but weren't due to delays. I hope you like reading them as much as regular entries though coz I try my best to make them enjoyable!

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