Friday, October 24, 2008


omfgomfg!!!!!!!!! I woke up to like 2 unpleasant surprises today! First, I was supposed to go to a business meeting today which I forgot about.

So I woke up, saw Gillian's sms, and said, "What time is the meeting ah?"

Gillian said, "It's over already lah!"

Thank god they (munkysuperstar) handled it well without me and it went ok. TMD!

THEN. Cherie from Nuffnang called and asked when I am going to post up my Canon advert.

I groggily said, "Isn't it at 12am tonight?"

She said no, it is 12pm (what kinda ungodly hour is that?) and everyone's already posted except me!


Panic to the max ok! I intended to spend the whole day photoshopping, and I saw the rest of the girls' entries and they all put in so much effort and they are all so good! Madness!!!!!

Please lah girls don't say things like I'm going to win can!!!?!?! I know you are mumbling under your breath "But you are what!" and it is totally ridiculous that 74 idiots* already voted for me, butttttttt........


What if I totally suck and everyone says I suck????

Ok why am I blogging about this when I should be blogging about my scrapbook?


*I know you are supporting me and I shouldn't call you an idiot but at least have some semblance of fairness, please! I haven't even posted!