Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Photolog + Lewis Hamilton is in love with me

I've got a million things to blog about!!

I still have not edited my Thumper party photos, and I still have not complied my photoshopped mugshot sent in by readers!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Still, here are some 60 or so random photos of the past like 1 month or something...

Zhnging sidekick with Kaykay

Here she is, putting diamantes on the back of her blackberry curve in the Princess Room while I zhng the back of my sidekick.

She looks pretty unhappy so I told her to smile.

Much better.

Her phone is random crystals in "mermaid" colours, and mine is pink-toned, of course.

Our backs almost broke doing this...

Halfway done.

Pearl, crystals, and square gems... About a variety of 10 different types of bling all mish mashed.

The end product.

I prefer the front coz although the back is infinitely more shiny, it looks like the pebbled stone floor that old people like to walk on. Bah!

The inspiration was this shoe that Shuyin showed me.

Pretty isn't it? Done by a famous gem-sticker/bling-artist/whatever-you-wanna-call-them in Taiwan.

My product is not nearly as nice though. I guess it's because I don't have a large enough variety of gems. Oh well!

Shuyin is also gonna stick the same style on her phone! Actually she thought of it first (not that what I did is close to the shoe's design), but her phone was out of stock.

I miss Kaykay!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen her in ages, goddamn it.

Beer Drinking Uncle in Sim Lim

Was at Sim Lim with Kaykay when we saw this old man drink Carlsberg out of a bucket!

He poured his beer into a bucket he brought himself, and in order not to let people steal his precious drink, he put his purple cashcard hat over it!

Wears the hat


What's the point of this, you ask. I find him very funny. Cannot meh??


With Ming and his friends (mike cut off by the photographer for some reason) at Aston's for a charity dinner organised by Ieat.

The charity dinner also raised money for orphans to have a nice day out, so that's nice too. :)

My hair is so blonde!!

Random again:

Timmy and Alyssa keeping MJ chips after yet another night of overnight mahjonging (sun come up already), with Chups missing and rugby girl at the background. :D

I love my MJ kakis!!

One more random pic:

Shuyin playing with stuff I bought from Daiso

More Hammie Pics

Digressing a bit before I post up the pics.

Ever since I posted up my hammie's pics, people have been emailing me and shit, acting like they are the only fucking goddamn experts in Hamster care.

They sit on their fucking moral high horse and try to "advise" me to do certain things and not do certain things, all supposedly from their experience with their dumb hamsters for a few months.

Blah blah don't breed them, blah blah sensitive to scented sand this and that.

Honestly, hamsters are one of the EASIEST creatures to look after. All they need is some water and food to survive. I love my hamsters and try to pamper them by buying them toys, but I don't need you to keep commanding me on how to keep them alive and well, thanks.

Some girl even emailed me about separating them if they fight, etc... She sounded oh-so-professional until her last paragraph, when she said... Guess what?

The best way to stop two hamsters from fighting is to get them from the same litter. So she said, if I want to breed them, I should get a boy and girl from the same litter to HAVE SEX AND GIVE BIRTH.




You don't need to be a fucking genius to know what incest is not good for the goddamn hamsters lor, please! Their babies get tumours and turn out all mutated!

See what I mean?

These are the types of retards that are trying to give me advice! Irritating isn't it? I don't mind it if people give me friendly anecdotes on their hamster's preferences, but please don't say dumb things like asking me to breed from a pair of sibling hamsters, thanks hor.

If you don't know shit, please shut up.

At Shengrong's place with the hammies' bedding and tank.

We getting babies from his new litter of 6 puddings! (and they are not inbred)

Shengrong's friend Lewis told me and Wongsie to get fish tanks for the hammies instead of cages. I think it's a very good decision coz it's much easier to play with them this way!

The babies... Both parents were yellow, but 3 babies turned out black and 3 an intense yellow!

4 girls and 2 boys

Lewis holding one of them

Wong da Lawyer very dua pai, refuse to take photo

We fought for a bit over who gets which hammie, and in the end, I got the runty yellow one (Picolove) and a super niap black one (Nanolove). Wong and I both got 2 girls, one yellow one black.

Shengrong's keeping the baby boys.

Wongsie wanted Pico at first but I insisted on Nano (whom I fell in love with coz when you put her on your palm she doesn't move at all but just sleeps there), and Wong's black one (called Soya Sauce now) was bullying Pico badly.


They are essentially balls of fluff with ears.

Their fish tank home with pink bedding!

A little bare but now they even have a second storey to go to!

Compare Pico to the size of a corn.

Nano sitting on top of Pico

Different pic from the one previously posted

Being niap.
She laid there on my palm like this for at least 5 minutes.
Sweet isn't she?

My blonde Picolove

Can you spot the hammie among the other coloured cotton balls?

Eating their favourite sunflower seed.
They also love champagne grapes and edamame peas!

Nano's much fatter than Pico, who is slowly turning light grey.

Love to squish together

Eating a honey star each

A few days ago I bought another male yellow pudding from a girl...

He really kinda looks different from my hammies... He is not such an intense yellow (like Pico), and his grey stripe is already showing from such a tender age. His ears are also much bigger and thinner than Pico and Nano's!

But anyway, the moment he is lowered into N and P's cage, the girls immediately started to SAVAGELY ATTACK HIM!

Wtf man! Teeth bared and bite and refuse to let go! I separated him (he is fine no physical injuries) and decided he can only stay in the small carrier for the time being..

Despite many attempts to let the girls accept him, it appears they don't want to, so in the end my daddy adopted him!

My dad reports that he is now "very big and fat" and is living in a fish tank filled with pandan leaves. -_-

Mike's birthday

We ate at an Italian restaurant, the name of which I can't spell.

We had nice food and an even nicer dessert!

Chocolate molten lava fondant cake (has many names, huh?!)

Once you poke a fork through it, it bursts with wet molten chocolate inside.

It is yums to the max!

At this point, as some of you already read, I asked Mike,

"If I bake this will you marry me?"

And greedily eating, he mumbled a yes.


Thanks to the dozens of well-wishing blog readers who sent me recipes and conspired to dupe the dude into buying me a ring. :) :) :)

It's very touching and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Awww!

The recipe I chose is this!

I wrote a long comment to the chef thanking him but he didn't respond leh. Nonetheless - very yummy, and very easy to do!

Just follow his instructions to the T and you won't go wrong. Try it at home (if you have an oven la)!!

But poor me!

I didn't have a whisk, so I used two forks and whisked till my hairs stood on end.

I didn't have ramekins, so I used chinese soup bowls (Corella ones).

My oven is not big and sturdy like his, so it tripped the whole house's electricity halfway and left us in darkness.

But in the end...



The brown sauce is Baileys, which I decided to add the to recipe. :) A teaspoon of it is also poured into the batter.

The ice-cream is French Vanilla and Tiramisu gelato, which was an excellent match! The only sad thing is that I didn't have an ice-cream scoop so it looks like oval balls...


It is madly DELICIOUS and also a little melty inside!

It IS a little overcooked la, so all tired, whisked out and floury, I asked Mike if my version of the cake is passable.

Giving a mock hard-to-decide face, he said as I looked on in trepidation, "Well, now I guess I have go shop for a ring."


Now he has to marry me!!

But it's not gonna happen anytime soon la so stop asking me!!!

Formula One

Me and a tired-looking Mike at the first day of F1.

Thanks to Ming's sister who let us have her tickets!! :D

It was utterly boring though. Cars just zoom pass and that's it. We parked at Tiong Bahru Mall, which was utterly congested, and took a train to City Hall. THEN, we had to walk for about 1.5 hours to get to our Bay Grandstand, because it was so goddamn crowded.

I heard that the third day was muthafucking exciting though coz 3 cars crashed!

No such luck on the first day, which was just practice. Still, it's a thrilling experience!

You know what else is thrilling? No, I mean besides fighting for your life when thrown into a pit full of savage lions.

It is meeting a world-famous F1 driver himself!!!

Coffee with Lewis Hamilton at Conrad

Thanks to Nescafe for organising this event and to Nuffnang for chosing me to go!!!


Can't say I am an F1 enthusiast, but with all the racing fever around and all of Lewis' posters plastered over Singapore, I can't help but be infected too!!

Ming, me, a cardboard cut-out of Lewis, and the two chosen nuffnangers who got lucky. :)

Ming and I

Loads of coffee and food provided

And we all wait with bated breath for the celebrity..........

He is coming...

Is that him?

The star!!

Flashlights go mad.

Lewis shakes hands with our minister.

And goes onstage...

Where a sea of burly men toting heavy black SLR cameras
all tried to get their best shots.

And it was amongst these uniformed cameras that a diamante-encrusted Canon digicam stood out.

Which is why Lewis is smiling into my camera!

My 7 hours of sticking gems onto it is not wasted!!


Lewis Hamilton signing a framed poster for me.

Watch out Nicole whoever!! He is obviously in love with me! In fact, it is so obvious that the picture even has a little heart in it. I didn't photoshop it there, honest.

Me looking 100% starstruck and girlishly happy.

When I was called on stage, the emcee announced me as Singapore's celebrity blogger!!

Lewis spoke to me for a bit, but dazzled as I was, I spoke like a major retard. Nice. Very smooth operator I am.

L: Hi, how are you?

Me: Good...

L: Is that your camera?

Me: Ah?

L: Is that your camera? *points to my camera*

Me: Yeah...

L: Oh, you stuck those diamonds on yourself?

Me: Huh? Yeah... Yeah I did.

L: It's very pretty. Here, hold this while I sign it.

After I got off the stage, I was still so flummoxed, I knocked my heavy frame (hello the signed frame not my body frame ok!) into a photographer's doubtlessly expensive camera.

He tsk-ed me fucking loudly and I mumbled a sorry, but he glared at me all the way till I reached my seat and continued to glare!

WTF MAN! I already said sorry what you want me to do sia?! Not purposely what! And it's not like I cracked his lens or what. Douche.

Anyway, Lewis Hamilton is really really friendly and nice, and he is very smiley and always willing to sign autographs for anyone.

Plus, he is totally cute in real life.

I am a new fan!! He also signed his book for me which Ming bought (and kindly gave to me).

After watching 15 mins of F1 on TV, Mike and I thought it was quite boring and, in a high racing mood, watched Talladega Nights on DVD instead.

Nescar seems more fun

That show is major awesome!

One of my favourite quotes from Ricky Bobby:

Mr. Dennit, with all due respect, and remember I'm sayin' it with all due respect, that idea ain't worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin' it on.


Will update soon!