Friday, October 31, 2008

Shit! I am so late in posting!!


BFF challenge Part 4!

BFF challenge Part 5... Now you can to see the final two!


Kaykay and Paul guess the prices of objects.
And they get to keep the object! Hahaha!

Meet Paul's science project: A penis volcano.
He is so funny I swear!!!

Happy Halloween y'all!!!!!!!

I'm getting old so this Halloween imma go have dinner with Shuyin and Weili and after that, imma play mahjong again!

I know right? My life is so exciting!

(Am I a prude or what? I saw some of the costumes Singaporeans are wearing and I am seriously quite shocked by the level of skimpiness. Do you think it's ok to wear a bra top or panties bottom on Halloween? Is it just me? Am I getting old and narrow-minded????????)

Quit quoting Mean Girls, you fucktards. I heard that shit so many times I could implode if I see another comment spreading that dumbass quote as gospel.