Sparkly Eyes


Having had perfect eyesight since my first eyesight test (confirmed it), I've always taken my eyes for granted.

I only wear coloured contacts for purely cosmestic reasons, so I guess I don't really wear them often.

Whenever I do wear them however, I just spray some multi-purpose solution on them and flop them on. Remember how most multi-purpose solutions boast to be "No-rub"?

I’ve just received a bottle of Complete Easy Rub contacts solution by AMO (Advanced Medical Optics), and to my surprise, eye care practitioners everywhere have been advocating the Rub, Rinse and Soak regime for multi-purpose solutions!

See, this little frog understands:

(Watch it it's funny!)

Rubbing contact lenses is increasingly deemed as troublesome and so many people skip that step (including me), but it is actually one of the main factors responsible for unsightly eye infections!

And, caring for our eyes, Complete Easy Rub is the only multipurpose solution in the industry that actively encourage users to Rub, Rinse and Soak our contact lenses.

Not only does it prevent infections, it also will let you have healthier, brighter eyes - which as everyone knows is essential to attracting the opposite sex. Hahaha!! I mean, obviously nobody finds people with sore eyes or dull eyes attractive, right? Right.

AMO also taught me the correct steps to proper lens care,
and it’s actually not THAT hard!

You ready to revolutionize your contacts cleaning regime??!

Step 1:
Wash and dry your hands prior to handling your lenses.

Step 2:
Place 3 drops or more of Complete Easy Rub
solution on one side of the lens surface.

Yes I know I have 6 drops there.
You think so easy to take these photos ah???

Step 3:
Rub your lens gently from the centre
to the edges for at least 10 seconds.

(It looks like I am not doing it the right way here
but actually I was just preventing the contact from dropping,
and the camera caught the picture then.

Do it properly like instructed!)

Never rub in a circular motion,
because it may tear the lens and
not clean the outer edge surface.

Step 4:

Rinse both sides of your lens
for at least 5 seconds with the solution

Until they are sparkly like that! :D

Stick it in. Gently of course.

Or very roughly if you wish to blind yourself.

I know.

Not very sexually appealing picture.

Check for comfort.

Camwhore with new sparkly eyes!!

Store contacts in Complete Easy Rub solution for at least 6 hours after you take your them off!

Remember to use AMO Complete Easy Rub as it gives the COMPLETE protection for your eyes and keeps them safe from micro-organisms!

It's this one ah don't buy the wrong thing!

For more information
go to AMO's website to read up on more eyecare!!

Sparkly isn't it??

(Ok lah it's photoshopped. But still!)

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