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I should get some sort of award

Here's the "smashing" blog post. I consulted many people before deciding to blog this. Some people said it's very mean , and there are many others who said they completely don't see how it is mean at all . So I just decided to blog it lor... The gist of this post is simple: I photoshop other people's photos to make them good-looking. When I say good-looking I mean obviously good-looking to me lah. In the "conventional beauty" way. It started off when Andie and I were looking at this blogger chick's blog photos and kept going on about how ugly her make-up is. Then, I challenged Andie to a photoshop showdown to see who can photoshop this fugly chick into a hot chick! In the end, I spent about half an hour doing it till, in my opinion, she looked perfect! Then I thought to myself, "Wow! It's so much easier to like her when she looks like that (end product of photoshop) ". So I further thought... How will other people I do

Have a Merry Indulgz Xmas and a happy new year!

Advertorial Update: New stuff at bottom of this post. Once again it's an Indulgz free dinner! Wooo! This time they invited me over for tasting their spanking new festive Xmas and New Year menu. So in case you are now kiasu-ly making plans for your holiday celebrations already, maybe you can consider dining at Indulgz! This time I invited Ming (founder of Nuffnang and also a personal friend of mine) and his girlfriend Estee to have a quiet sort of dinner with Mike and I. The last few times I went to Indulgz it was more like a rowdy party and kinda stressed me out coordinating everyone's timing and bringing props - so today I'm just relaxed, double-dating and happy! Mike and I arrived first. It seems to rain everytime we go to Indulgz! That sounds like a mood-dampener but I actually felt extra romantic cozying inside the snug restaurant. :) Beautifully decorated for Xmas. The people here really don't scrimp on making the ambiance right. I'm dressed i