Monday, November 17, 2008

I am not blogging because...

1) I am irritated by the stupidity of so many of my blog readers. Read this. Thanks.

2) People are asking me to stick to blogging about girly stuff and I refuse to adhere to the opinions of idiots. I might blog about rocket science and deep-sea marine life food chains though, just to prove I can blog about whatever I want as long as I have an opinion on it, regardless of whether I am qualified/thoroughly informed about that topic. Suck on that!

3) I am truly busy. I just finished shooting pictures for the blog banner. This is the first step towards a new blog skin!

4) Shaking head in disgust at how 1 day everyone loves me and the next everyone wants my blood. Weird. The worst thing is that I never actually said anything bad about Obama. Shrugs. I don't really care because I am used to people disliking me, but it's still a tad unsettling.

5) See point 1.

6) Oh god, the severity of point 1.

7) Simply don't feel like it. I'd rather watch Project Runway 4 on Or...

8) Ok fine, actually I still love some of you coz I am working on a smashing blog entry! It's a bit mean though, so I don't know if I should post it.

Oh well!

p/s: Was called a Philistine because of blog entry. Just found that interesting.


Names hurled at me:

Ignorant: 43 times.

When will people realise it is a logical fallacy to call someone ignorant because of his OPINION? You will never know if the person came to his conclusion because he has less or perhaps even more knowledge than you.

Stupid: 26 times

Dumb: 9 times

Racist: 5 times

Shallow: 18 times

Materialistic: 2 times

Whore: 3 times

Slut: 2 times

Bitch 26 times

Aries Bitch: 1 time. Hello??? I'm a Taurus! But thanks for knowing my birthday.

Ugly: 14 times (Including one which specified that Obama is much better-looking than me)

Black pussy: 1 time. WTF? Don't anyhow say hor! It's solid-gold and encrusted with diamonds and precious stones.

Blonde: 8 times

Shitty: 5 times

Pessimistic: 2 times

Bimbo: 15 times

Ironic: 5 times

Immature: 5 times

Smelly/stinky: 3 times. How is my smell relevant?

Fake: 5 times

Retard/retarded: 4 times

One word back at you all: INTOLERANT.

Comments disabled! By disabled I mean you can still post since comments are moderated, they won't go through. They will be deleted before they ever will appear. And I won't read them. So don't bother.