Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I should get some sort of award

Here's the "smashing" blog post.

I consulted many people before deciding to blog this. Some people said it's very mean, and there are many others who said they completely don't see how it is mean at all.

So I just decided to blog it lor...

The gist of this post is simple: I photoshop other people's photos to make them good-looking.

When I say good-looking I mean obviously good-looking to me lah. In the "conventional beauty" way.

It started off when Andie and I were looking at this blogger chick's blog photos and kept going on about how ugly her make-up is. Then, I challenged Andie to a photoshop showdown to see who can photoshop this fugly chick into a hot chick!

In the end, I spent about half an hour doing it till, in my opinion, she looked perfect!

Then I thought to myself, "Wow! It's so much easier to like her when she looks like that (end product of photoshop)".

So I further thought... How will other people I don't like look like with photoshop?

And therefore I photoshopped more and more pictures till people started telling me it's a waste not to blog about them.

Since most of the "victims" (or maybe they are privileged, coz loads of people wanna pay me to photoshop them) are people I don't like, I decided, for the fairness of this post, I'm gonna throw in also...

- People I do like
- People I am neutral towards.
- Random people I don't know at all.

Sorry if you got chosen... If I never expressed disliking you, it means that you are just randomly picked!

I was planning to do it on myself as well, but you saw that trick before.

Enough of the whining... Photos!

Let's make this more interesting, shall we?


These photos you see are the photoshopped versions.

To see the originals (and the answers), please HOVER your mouse over the pictures!

Patience... It might take a while to load but it eventually will!
Just keep your mouse on the picture!

Yes, she is a real person.

So which is your favourite?

p/s: All the original photos are either easily available online or proudly displayed on their owner's blogs. Credits to them.