Are you waking up to the same day as I am (although admittedly I have not slept)? Coz today is awesome!

I just went to check my email and I screamed... coz final-fucking-ly, GMAIL INSTALLED THEMES!!!!!!

Themes meaning we can now choose PINK for the outlook of our email webpage if we want to!

I've waited ages for this, Google assholes! But now you have done it, so you all are no longer assholes! *blows air kisses*

And thanks for keeping us juvenile girls in mind and giving us a "candy" theme!

How my Gmail looks like now.


Now I no longer have to look at that disgusting blue page tens of times everyday.

I know. I seem to be making a mountain out of a molehill.

Hey, people just have different priorities, OK! Yours is remembering to take your syphilis medicine and surviving the day using no more than 2 adult diapers, while mine is to make everything prettier.

That's fine, I won't judge you so don't judge me!

Ok toodles! I'll update soon - I'm blogging for Indulgz's Xmas menu now!

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