Well, you came and you gave without takin'
But I sent you away, O-bama
Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shakin'
and I need you today. O-bama!

Bleah. I just finished watching the ep of South Park on the US elections. Everywhere I turn, every blog I see, is harping on how AWESOME Obama is.

It pisses me off, because he is not even President yet! So far, he has done NOTHING, and yet people say statements like:

Obama is going to bring CHANGE... Well, he is a different human being from Bush, so I guess there will be change no matter what, right?

Obama is going to bring HOPE to America. Eh, ok... Don't know exactly how but guess he can create HOPE out of a well-rehearsed speech.

Obama is going to eradicate or at least reduce racism by mere merit of the fact that he is (half) black.

Obama is going to repair the tattered reputation of America. I suppose sending out fruit baskets to every other country in the world will be a good start.

Obama is WORLD PEACE! He will shine his god-like beams upon this world!!!111

Whatever man.

In case you are rolling your sleeves up angrily and shouting at your monitor now: "Are you a McCain supporter? You support War and Bloodshed?! You are ignorant!"

Well let me clarify now: I am neither an Obama or McCain supporter.

I am 100% apathetic about who wins.

The sad thing is this: Now I cannot even have the freedom to be apathetic without people calling me names like DUMB, or NAIVE, or IGNORANT!

People tell me that the US economy will affect the WORLD, including Singapore. Ok yes, it will. So?

I cannot vote for the US president, can I?

And truth be told, I do not give a shit about whether or not Iraq is going to continue being invaded.

That's right. I am selfish, vain, and disgustingly self-centered. All I care about is that today I managed to buy some Waffle Crisps after looking for them for a damn long time.

SO WHAT if I infuse myself with interest about the elections and shove my unwelcome opinions upon others?

The only American I can possibly influence is going to vote for whoever he wants to.

(And I know what you are thinking. Mike is a Texan, and therefore he must be a war-mongering hardcore Republican who voted for McCain. Wrong. He voted for someone else other than Obama or McCain. If someone makes a right guess in the comments I shall confirm it. :D)

So yeah, back to my interest in the elections. So what if I care? I know I have a blog and maybe it can sway some Americans' opinions on who to vote for, but I do not pretend to be smart enough or informed enough to tell others what to do!

But enough of that.

The thing is, I just don't fucking GET IT!

Why is everyone so bloody smitten by Obama?

Don't people remember that Politicians are liars and campaign promises often turn out to be complete bullshit?

I get it that McCain is dumb to admit that he wants to continue a war (as if anybody will immediately think that war is good) and that Obama said he won't.

I get it that Obama is suave and smart and speaks really well... while McCain is very wheezy.

I get it that the democratic-biased media protrays McCain as the next George Bush, except worse. (Guess the poor fellow won't have a chance to prove himself) I get it that people are sick of Bush and want someone different.

But Obama is still just another human and we still don't know how he will perform!

HOWEVER, the media has pushed him on such a pedestal that I think he now being put on par with Apple products and religion.

It is true!

Nowadays, all the smart and cool people support Obama. It is hip to be liberal and it is cool to steal money from the rich to give to the poor.

Anyone who supports McCain must be a racist little redneck from the South or like some inbred family from Arkansas.

No discussion is needed.

If you don't support Obama, you are immediately deemed as bloody retarded: Just like how the retards from the states with lower IQs voted for Bush the second time. Remember that one?

I didn't support Bush then (although for what reason, I don't know, except the media protrayed him as extremely retarded).

When I saw this data, I was one of those people who gave myself a hearty pat on my back because I thought: Hey! This means I have a high IQ because I don't like Bush either!

Turns out, this is a complete hoax. I guess I was a moron for thinking I was a genius.

It annoys me so bad when these arrogant pricks call others names just because people have a different opinion from them.

Just like RELIGION.

If I don't believe in your religion, it means I am IGNORNANT?

It means that I don't know enough of it and that's why I don't believe in it?

It can't be that I, in fact, know MORE about it than you do and made an informed choice not to believe in it??

It can't be that I choose not to believe because I am completely indifferent to it? And can't I choose to not CARE and not be subjected to you telling me all about your religion?

Let me see what else: Yes... Race.

I get it, he is the first Black president. I can understand if the African Americans in USA are proud of him, but why is it such a big deal to everyone else??????!

Obama did not ask to be black. He didn't work hard to be black. He is not black because he is talented. He is not talented because he is black. Neither does he represent all other black people.

My point is this: There are always many firsts in the world. Let's just imagine for a moment that McCain became the President and he is the oldest President America every got.

Whoopie! This is freedom for all old people! All old people throw confetti in the air! Now, this means that old people finally got the liberation they worked so hard for and it proves to everyone that old people can become presidents!

It doesn't mean that lor... It means that it just so happened that a talented person who won an election is old.

Kua kua... No doubt some of you are calling me racist at this point. I am not racist. I am racially indifferent.

I do not care what race Obama is as long as he is a good president.

You, on the other hand, are the racist one, because if you think "This shows that black people are as valued in USA as the whites" it just goes to show that you do see the difference in colour.

The reason why I am not a fervent supporter of Obama is:

1) I refuse to be an all-knowing fanboy like these people and

2) he gives me a vague feeling of discomfort. Scott Adams talks about this too.

However, my vague feeling of discomfort is justified in that I find it scary that Obama is so charming that he can make everyone in the world believe he is a demi-god without even doing anything... yet.

If anyone else around you yells out, "I will change the world for the better if I were president!" you will probably glare at the person and tell him to fucking prove himself - and not join a facebook group to support him.

If such a person is suddenly put in such a powerful position, imagine what could happen?

Well, Hitler's a good example. He gave such good propaganda speechs that people were convinced that a good idea to kill fellow humans.

Of course in all likelihood Obama won't be able to get away with that now, and neither will he do that. But I'm just telling you why I think it's scary to put someone so beguiling... as the President of the most powerful country.

And my 3rd reason for not fervently supporting him is that I just don't care enough.

But enough of this heavy stuff!!

Everywhere people are talking about how handsome Obama is! He is cute, but guess who's also cute?


I know, right? Such a surprise! Hello... It's not that I have old-people-fetish ok! It's just that he used to be really cute when he was young!!!

(This does not mean I support him ok so please don't start lambasting me and trying to convince me that Obama is much better)


Not bad hor!

Note: Image removed coz Hotlinking
causes some pop-up.

Gah. And also I can't find back the same pic...

I think Obama would have been cuter if not for that weird outfit.

So you think McCain has been going like, "Goddamn it, Cindy! I was damn hot too! Why don't they talk about how handsome I was?!" everytime he hears people saying Obama is handsome?

*cue childish giggles*

Must be frustrating having to talk about serious stuff all the time.

Also, his daughter is hot!

p/s: I don't give a shit about how dumb Sarah Palin is, ok! Didn't I just say I am apathetic?! I only am blogging about this because I don't like how people blindly idolise Obama!

p/p/s: Mike insists I clarify that my political views are not swayed by him because he says everyone will immediately presume he is a redneck if I don't support Obama.

UPDATE: I love all the comments! Keep them coming and thanks for proving me right, you fucktards! I can't disagree with you now and it makes you "disappointed"? If you think I'm just a moron then why does a moron's opinion bother you?

p/p/p/s: I am talking about Singaporeans in this entry. I don't give a shit about how Americans are behaving because I don't know about them.

p/p/p/p/s: I didn't say ALL Obama-supporters are ill-informed retards. But a lot of them are. Goggle-eyed retards with blind faith and expecting everyone to see the same as them.

p/p/p/p/p/s: It especially makes me laugh when people call me ignorant. It's like a magic word or something.

p/p/p/p/p/p/s: My favourite comment is the one where someone compared their faith in Obama to my love (and faith) for Juicy Couture (and my belief that Juicy's next product will also be awesome - not true, but even if it is, it is because they had a line of history for me to compare to).

And also, the one where someone said Obama is smarter than me?!?!?! Why am I being compared to him now? I am honoured.

AND also the one who said I should say goodbye to my ratings! What ratings?!

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