Monday, December 22, 2008



Ever felt like this before?

After a long day of wearing lens, or just being awake, your eyes feel so lifeless and tired?


I just got sponsored Garnier's Light Brightening Eye Roll-On!!

It's a great invention and I'm surprised that it took humankind so long to develop something like this!

The Roll-on comes in a slim and cute little tube like this - and to soothe puffy or tired eyes, all you have to do is to roll it on!

It uses a state-of-the-art roll-on to massage away tiredness from your eyes, and massaging is a technique used by experts to boost natural draining and decongest tired eyes!

With a stroke of genius, Garnier also added CAFFEINE into the roll-on - that acts as a natural simulant to boost your circulation and give an extra perk to your eyes!

Cleverly, the roll-on comes with an extremely convenient little metal ball to aid your application.

The metal ball is cold and damn shiok! Now I won't fall asleep during MJ anymore!!

No more messing around with eye creams (God I hate those, I can never properly dig the cream out with long nails) or feeling ridiculous when you bring your eye cream out with you.

This one fits right into any handbag!

I think it's perfect for long plane rides. :)

Time to give it a test!

Putting it over my eye area!

Nice cooling effect as the liquid immediately gets absorbed by my skin.

Blend it in.

And you get happy eyes!!!

Garnier also came up with a cute application for phones!

Ever wished you had a Magic 8 ball to bring around with you in case of tough decisions? Well, here's one for your phone, FREE!!

You can download it here and it's super easy!

The game is really simple - your sunny yellow roll-on helps you decide whether you should ROLL WITH IT, or ROLL AWAY!

Rotating... Hurry up, my important life decisions are depending on you!

Well, since I was at home that night, I obviously had loads of things to decide on.

For example ---

I am peckish! Should I or should I not?

Let the game decide!!!!!!



This means I can't eat my Jagabee!!

I don't care!!!


It's totally telling me to Roll with it!!!!!!

Having satisfied my stomach, I skip around trying to find other things to Roll with.


Cute guy sleeping!!!!!

Should I go kiss him???????

Let the game decide!!!!!!!!!!


Must be a technical glitch.

Woohoo! This time it's right!!

Muah muah muah muah muah muah muah muah!!!!!!!


Remember to visit to download this cute game on your mobile for free!

** I do not encourage using this method to decide on whether you oughta murder tonight, or do other illegal things. I'm quite sure the judge will not accept this as an excuse.

P/s: Yes I am aware I got loads of black roots showing. I'm about to go dye it already la, ok! Quit harping on it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Greetings from USA!!

It's minus 2 degrees here in Dallas and I'm having a great time!!

I'm staying with Mike's brother Daniel this time round and thank god for heaters! USA is great**, but I'm missing Singapore already!!

Here are the things I take for granted in Singapore. Count yourself blessed if you are sitting in your Singapore home right now!!

1) You don't sit on a toilet seat and jump up in horror, screaming "Sweet Mother of God!"... Because it is freezing cold.

2) You can order a steaming hot plate of kang kong almost anywhere. I crave for it so much, I'd maim a child now for it. I told Shuyin this and she sent me an email with a bigass picture of a plate of kangkong. Nabeh.

3) No need to spend 20 minutes moisturizing everything from your face to your legs to your nipples after showering everyday.

4) I miss my hammies so much... :( I know this is not really relevant to Singapore but I'm just saying.

I went to this bar/restaurant called Twin Peaks with Mike and his friends the other day. It's like Hooters but even less subtle.

So anyway, the waitresses there are wearing these weeny checked red shirts that's midriff-bearing and tied in between their boobies! And really short skirts and boots.

OMG I actually found a picture!!!!!!!!

Everywhere I turn to, tits are overflowing! And these are not tits that belong to some fat old lady, mind you. The girls are fucking hot!

This seems to be a trend prevalent in America - the hot chicks are all waitresses of some sort!

I understand that hot chicks get more tips and so most of them naturally would be in the service industry, but why???

I don't like it!

When I go to a restaurant with some guy on a date, I don't want my server to be hotter than me and shoving her tits into my date's face, right??

Megan Fox used to be a waitress.

Can you IMAGINE being served by her?? And your boyfriend looks at you and thinks... "Why my girlfriend's tits so small/eyes not as mesmerizing/does not have flowing bronze hair/look like a goddess/etc?"

Maybe I am just being insecure.

But anyway, I also don't get why pretty girls will get more tips than ugly ones. I mean, men would tip them more, surely, but people like me will definitely tip them less.

Me, served by ugly waitress: "Oh go get rhinoplasty... Here, have 20%."

Me, served by pretty waitress: "Get your fucking tits out of my face! And fuck you for having nice legs too! Here's 5% for you. Life ain't so lucky for you now, is it??!?"

Shouldn't this sorta equalise the whole system, or are American girls really so self-assured and confident that they don't care?

**In the South people are are ultra nice, shopping is awesome, and 900 TV channels (plus two porn channels) to choose from.


Check out new videos!!!


I was told Wanbao or Shin Min went to cover this video.
Why, thanks for the plug!

Go watch! I do botox and lip fillers!! Dr Georgia Lee is awesome!


Kaykay and Paul have some childish fun in some unfortunate person's office.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jetting off!

Sorry for neglecting this blog for so many days! And I'm gonna be neglecting it for even more days coz I'm flying off to USA...

Weds (today) at 10pm! You are welcome to stalk me at the airport - I'm the one with the patent baby pink chioest ever luggage. MUAHAHAHA!!


Well, I'll be bringing my laptop and updating whenever Mike bothers to figure out how to connect to the wireless network at his brother's house where we will be staying in.

I'm gonna stuff my face with Chicken Express (it's like KFC but less salty and damn juicy!!) and Sonic's cheese tots once I get there! And a corn dog. Like seriously, why isn't that sold here?

I'll be back in SIN on 1st Jan 2009. Woe is me, celebrating multiple new years (time zone) in an airplane!

Last year the same thing happened and I thought that people would whoop in the airplane or have a nice countdown - you know, plane gives out free champagne to everyone... Confetti in air... People hi-fiving each other... Giving out hugs... Is that too much to ask for??


Nothing of that sort.

All I got were mopey passengers and stewardesses who delibrately take a long time to get me my water... all coz they were unlucky enough to have to work on New Year's eve and day.

Well fuck you all, fucky people!

Fuck you all is totally my new in phrase. I've been using it a lot on Mike and it really irritates him. When he says the same thing to me I start crying and acting like he is very abusive and I'm really hurt.

Mike: "Baby... Can you wash the bedsheets today?"

Me: "FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mike: "What?? Well, fuck you!"

Me: "Fuck you right back!"

Mike: "....."

Me: -begins to cry-

Go watch new videos!!


Hair curling! Just like many of you have requested.


Ever heard that chugging 2 bottles of sprite and eating bananas will definitely make you puke? Me neither! But Paul and Kaykay have to test out this urban legend!