Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Greetings from USA!!

It's minus 2 degrees here in Dallas and I'm having a great time!!

I'm staying with Mike's brother Daniel this time round and thank god for heaters! USA is great**, but I'm missing Singapore already!!

Here are the things I take for granted in Singapore. Count yourself blessed if you are sitting in your Singapore home right now!!

1) You don't sit on a toilet seat and jump up in horror, screaming "Sweet Mother of God!"... Because it is freezing cold.

2) You can order a steaming hot plate of kang kong almost anywhere. I crave for it so much, I'd maim a child now for it. I told Shuyin this and she sent me an email with a bigass picture of a plate of kangkong. Nabeh.

3) No need to spend 20 minutes moisturizing everything from your face to your legs to your nipples after showering everyday.

4) I miss my hammies so much... :( I know this is not really relevant to Singapore but I'm just saying.

I went to this bar/restaurant called Twin Peaks with Mike and his friends the other day. It's like Hooters but even less subtle.

So anyway, the waitresses there are wearing these weeny checked red shirts that's midriff-bearing and tied in between their boobies! And really short skirts and boots.

OMG I actually found a picture!!!!!!!!

Everywhere I turn to, tits are overflowing! And these are not tits that belong to some fat old lady, mind you. The girls are fucking hot!

This seems to be a trend prevalent in America - the hot chicks are all waitresses of some sort!

I understand that hot chicks get more tips and so most of them naturally would be in the service industry, but why???

I don't like it!

When I go to a restaurant with some guy on a date, I don't want my server to be hotter than me and shoving her tits into my date's face, right??

Megan Fox used to be a waitress.

Can you IMAGINE being served by her?? And your boyfriend looks at you and thinks... "Why my girlfriend's tits so small/eyes not as mesmerizing/does not have flowing bronze hair/look like a goddess/etc?"

Maybe I am just being insecure.

But anyway, I also don't get why pretty girls will get more tips than ugly ones. I mean, men would tip them more, surely, but people like me will definitely tip them less.

Me, served by ugly waitress: "Oh go get rhinoplasty... Here, have 20%."

Me, served by pretty waitress: "Get your fucking tits out of my face! And fuck you for having nice legs too! Here's 5% for you. Life ain't so lucky for you now, is it??!?"

Shouldn't this sorta equalise the whole system, or are American girls really so self-assured and confident that they don't care?

**In the South people are are ultra nice, shopping is awesome, and 900 TV channels (plus two porn channels) to choose from.


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