Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jetting off!

Sorry for neglecting this blog for so many days! And I'm gonna be neglecting it for even more days coz I'm flying off to USA...

Weds (today) at 10pm! You are welcome to stalk me at the airport - I'm the one with the patent baby pink chioest ever luggage. MUAHAHAHA!!


Well, I'll be bringing my laptop and updating whenever Mike bothers to figure out how to connect to the wireless network at his brother's house where we will be staying in.

I'm gonna stuff my face with Chicken Express (it's like KFC but less salty and damn juicy!!) and Sonic's cheese tots once I get there! And a corn dog. Like seriously, why isn't that sold here?

I'll be back in SIN on 1st Jan 2009. Woe is me, celebrating multiple new years (time zone) in an airplane!

Last year the same thing happened and I thought that people would whoop in the airplane or have a nice countdown - you know, plane gives out free champagne to everyone... Confetti in air... People hi-fiving each other... Giving out hugs... Is that too much to ask for??


Nothing of that sort.

All I got were mopey passengers and stewardesses who delibrately take a long time to get me my water... all coz they were unlucky enough to have to work on New Year's eve and day.

Well fuck you all, fucky people!

Fuck you all is totally my new in phrase. I've been using it a lot on Mike and it really irritates him. When he says the same thing to me I start crying and acting like he is very abusive and I'm really hurt.

Mike: "Baby... Can you wash the bedsheets today?"

Me: "FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mike: "What?? Well, fuck you!"

Me: "Fuck you right back!"

Mike: "....."

Me: -begins to cry-

Go watch new videos!!


Hair curling! Just like many of you have requested.


Ever heard that chugging 2 bottles of sprite and eating bananas will definitely make you puke? Me neither! But Paul and Kaykay have to test out this urban legend!