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I can't be arsed to blog

So I shall patronise you all by just posting photos of Pumpkin . I called her Pumpkin because I think she looks like black and gold/orange, which reminds me of pumpkins because those are Halloween colours. Ok fine, that doesn't make sense. I just think the name is cute lah, ok! Anyway she learnt to respond to it by now, so no changing! :D One day before I bought her: It was love at first sight. Well, for me anyway. Pumpkin looks like she is deeply unsettled. Too bad for you doggie, you stuck with me! Forlorn, would rather have a "true dog lover" owner. Day one: We put her on the couch and she crawled up to my shoulder and promptly fell asleep. What a weird location to want to sleep on! zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz again niaping against Mike's lap. I was so jealous! Several minutes later... This direction seems to be better... After her bath All nice and fluffed out In the t-shirt that

I've got an idea! Why don't you go stuff your douchebag beanie down your urethra instead of irritating fellow humans?

I am irrationally angry. I hate people who think they are so morally superior, they can lecture others on how to live their lives. A big sub-category of this sort of people are "True animal lovers", and a sub-sub category of that is "True dog lovers". Honestly, dog lovers annoy me to no end. For the last fucking time, I am not interested in YOUR dog, especially not if it's not cute, barky, slobbery, or imposes itself on me. I hate big dogs which are very active and try to stand up on my chest. Ewww, no thanks, fuck off! I love my dog (her name is Pumpkin btw, I just thought of it on a whim but thanks for the suggestions you all! :D), but that's only because she is a companion to me. This does not mean I automatically love ALL dogs. What did these other dogs do to deserve me loving, or even liking them? By mere virtue that they are dogs? I don't think so. Now I don't give a shit about whether these people think of themselves as True dog lov

New vids!!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE As requested: My eye make-up techniques!! CHICK VS DICK Truth or Dare... Paul's new favourite game as he bullies Kaykay into kissing him. Will he succeed??

I've got a new puppy!!!

Awwwwww! She likes my eyelash extensions. Look how tiny she is!! I'm too obsessed with her now to blog. Help me think of a girly and cute name for her!!! p/s: Cloudy is staying with my mom! He is not MY dog, he was given by someone to my mom, and is kinda like a family pet. This new puppy is staying with Mike and I!


I forgot to post about new videos!!! WATCH!!! XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE I test out various supposed hangover remedies. Some are gross, but not as gross as my fridge. CHICK VS DICK Kaykay and Paul buy Xmas presents for each other. Awww! It WAS supposed to be Xmas-themed and all, but I guess a little too late for that now. Hopefully you are still having your New Year celebration hangover!!


I AM NOT DEAD GODDAMMIT! STOP SAYING I'M DEAD!!! STOP DISCUSSING OR SPECULATING WHETHER I AM DEAD! I AM CLEARLY NOT! I EVEN JUST GREW A PIMPLE SO I AM TERRIBLY ALIVE! Knnbccb newspapers. *grumble* p/s: Neither am I pregnant or getting married anytime soon - which is what was newly vandalised on my wiki page. Creative, I give you that. But not true.

I win for "Grossest New Year Anyone Can Probably Be Experiencing"

Happy new year! Contrary to the false alarm on my wikipedia entry that proclaimed I died on Xmas day in Dallas, I am alive, kicking, and apparently, blogging too! More about that later. As I was saying, Happy New Year ! You know who is NOT happy today? Me. You know who is even more unhappy than me today? The thousands of maggots that lived in my fridge and just got killed. Bon Appetit! May I tempt you with some nuggets perhaps? (Although maggots probably do not know it's New Year today... But still... Generally an unhappy day for them.) Yup. Disgusting. You are probably wondering why my fridge was in this state. Maybe one day Mike and I will look back upon this story and laugh about it, but not right now. So anyway... As you already know, we left on 10th of Dec for Dallas, and just reached Singapore on NYE at 1am. That's 22 days including time zone differences. Before we left the house, we made sure all windows got shut and turned off all our e