Monday, February 23, 2009

I know I should be blogging...

But I'm just so lazy!!

Anyway I'm still photoshopping the trillions of photos I have uploaded, so soon I'll update!

Meanwhile, here's someone who doesn't need photoshopping...

Pumpkin! Who now has hair long enough to be tied up into a top knot! Tying top knots are not only pretty, but actually good for the dogs, as the hair falling into their eyes often irritate them.

Juicy couture ribbon!

And one more of me in the cab going to meet Ringo...

Love ya all!

p/s: Ok you people need to stop harping on the flash thing. I've googled it, and there is no concrete proof that a camera's flash will hurt a dog's eyes anymore than it would hurt a human's.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yay for cheap flights from MAS!


Thinking of flying? With the low fuel prices nowadays, everyone's thinking about it!

In that case, I've got good news for you! Malaysian Airlines (MAS) is offering many straight routes from Singapore to anywhere in Malaysia!

It's perfect for short trips to KL for the chio KL twin towers...

Or Penang for the greatest Salted egg yolk prawns I've ever had...

Or... maybe... For our 3rd year anniversary, Mike and I can go visit beautiful Langkawi again...

I miss that place so much! I've been thinking of the turquoise clear waters and the silver fishes darting around...


Well, whether you want to go to Kota Kinabalu to climb a mountain, or go to Malaysian beach resorts for a scuba diving trip, you can use MAS!


At a really low price of $100!!! That's for Singapore to Langkawi and Penang!

For $49 you can fly to KL, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu!

Why waste time and sit on a coach for 7 hours when a flight only takes 1 hour? Plus planes have loos... Honestly man, I rank "wanting to pee on a coach" one of the worst feelings in the world to have... I know some coaches have loos la... But those are really ewwwwww...

I'll be honest - I have not flown MAS before, but I heard that their service is great and the seats are nice and comfy. :) Well, the travel fairs have always urged me to fly with MAS, and this time I really might! To Langkawi that is!

Thinking of a longer vacation out of Malaysia?

How about to London for authentic Fish and Chips?

SIN - London : $700!!

Or Amsterdam, where you can visit the famous Amsterdam canals?

SIN - AMSTERDAM : $710!!

Or... To Paris maybe? For some romance?

SIN - PARIS : $700!!

How about a little nearer to SYDNEY?

SIN- SYDNEY : $395!!


I know right? How to choose? Anyway, wherever you want to travel to, you can use MAS!

The travelling period is from 17th Feb til 30th of September. Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair (MATF) is now till the 19th of Feb (which ending in 3 days!) so do hurry!!

for more ridiculously low flight prices!

p/s: Please note that prices are for one way only.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So anyway, just got stunned into blogging.

The story starts about 3 weeks ago when I got Pumpkin. She had really bad Kennel Cough!

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Kennel Cough is a highly contagious cough that loads of puppies have, especially those bought from Kennels because, well, highly contagious like I said.

So poor Pumpkin was hacking her throat out. On the morning of the second day I bought her, when I took her out of her cage, she literally just flopped on the floor and wouldn't move.

I panicked and called about 10 vet clinics and all of them were jam-packed! (Wah vets business damn good leh!) Except for one...

(Geez must I disclaim EVERYTHING?? It's not that her business is bad, it's just that she happened to have a free slot.)

So I went to that clinic.

The first vet I encountered there was very young and female. Like late 20s? I didn't know what I was expecting, but I guess I expected vets to be like GPs?? Mostly uncles??

Anyway she was really nice lah.

The next time I went, the other vet working there is also young and female.


I was like -_- wtf this place full of chio girl vets... The whole time she was talking to me about Pumpkin I was wondering why her skin is so nicely tanned. And such straight teeth!

The third time I bought Pumpkin to the vet, Mike went with me.

Me, to Mike, "The vets are chio, don't fall in love with them ah! Don't forget they are animal lovers and will fill your house to the brim with dogs!" (Mike doesn't like animals.)

Mike told me to stop being paranoid.

After the visit I asked Mike if the vet is chio and he said "Not bad". -_-

So ANYWAY. I swear this story has a point and it's coming!

I was surfing SPCA's site trying to find Obedience classes for Pumpkin when I saw this:

That's right. That's my vet and she was Miss Singapore Universe.

Totally didn't recognise her in real life.

She kinda looks different in photos (her face seems to be skinnier in real life) so I am like 99% sure it's her. After all, how many chio vets whose name is Cheryl have that dog (I saw it in the clinic) and graduated from Sydney?

Anyway I dunno why I am so surprised la. I guess I didn't expect Miss Singapore Universes to be doing a job as steadfast as being a doctor. I thought people who enter beauty pageants are more attention-seeking (not a bad thing ok!)/trying to get fame/looking for a fast track to becoming a cookie-cutter MCS actress...

Confirm weird to see your vet in a bikini.........

SEE MIKE?? I WASN'T PARANOID! She was chioest in Singapore during 2005, I have all rights to be insecure!! (Actually I am not insecure but I'm just saying I have all reason to be)

Anyway I'm sure someone told Dr Tay to read this, so Hi Dr Tay (and Dr Daphne if you are reading too!)!!!!!!!! Pumpkin's much better now thanks to your meds!! :D


I might as well answer questions regarding Pumpkin since so many of you asked.

- She is a pure-bred Yorkshire terrier. Her daddy is some Thailand champion, and so is her grandfather, great-grandfather, etc. People got papers one hor! One of her grandmas is called Chichi Rose. -_-

- She is not a "teacup" yorkie. I checked and teacups cost about $11,000, and yes, as I am frequently reminded, they are very unhealthy. Currently at 4 months old PK weighs 700grams.

- She cost me $2,800, of which $800 is paid by Mike for my Xmas present. I know that's expensive, but stfu, I think she's worth it. If you have to look at something for the next 15 years, obviously you have to think that thing is beautiful right? Why spend zero dollars on a dog that I don't like and then mistreat it??

Anyway that's that lah! Quit harping on how commercialised I am! I've got nothing to blog about so even without the adverts there will be no posts!

It does seem like everyone is having fun with the Phlook comments though. I love how innovative you all are, calling me fat and ugly and slutty in most pictures. Woohoo!!

p/s: Love the comments on Plasticzilla's Phlook's photos! Hilarious! Poor chick can't delete them fast enough, ahaha... Anyway, I didn't know that she was also doing the Phlook advert, otherwise I would never have agreed to do it.

That's right! From now on I vow to not accept any adverts that also involve her, because I think that plagiarisers and liars really put all other bloggers to shame and should not be able to earn money from blogging.

As such, advertisers will have to choose between going for me, or for her. If you really want to advertise with her, go ahead - I deem your product unworthy to be put on my site anyway since you have such bad taste.

The choice is clear. Do you really want to advertise on a liar's website? Smear your brand's name with the same brush as that of the luxury bags' scam? Don't take my word for it! See this.


Oooh yes I am still harping on Dawn! Why the hell not? Still makes me feel good. Bite me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Toblerone you, You toblerone me!!


Valentine's Day is coming again! Now that I have a boyfriend, I lovesssss it! (Don't despair if you don't have one or got a shitty one, your time will come too! Remember I waited 4 years! 4 years of being SINGLE!)

To those girls who go like, "I hate V day, if you are in love, everyday is V day!" - well, screw off! Stop spoiling the market for other girls who know very well what you said is true but would love to exploit our boyfriends for one day anyway!

Mike already booked our venue for the 14th of Feb - that day is exactly 1 month shy of our 3rd year anniversary!!! My, time flies!!

Anyway, speaking of V day, what presents are you guys thinking of getting your loved ones?

From my blog title you can probably guess what I am going to recommend you.

That's right: Toblerone chocolates!

The chocs not my dog ok, thanks.

In Toblerone's special V day packaging no less!

No wait! Before you close the browser mumbling what an over-commercialised blogger I am recommending a cliched gift, listen!

Firstly, girls still like chocolates and flowers, whether or not they admit it. We love everything that requires effort on your part, the more self sacrifice on your part the better.

Buying a huge bouquet of flowers and carrying it around is slightly humiliating, and therefore, if you are willing to do it, it means you love us! :D

And secondly, there is a really interesting contest involved!!

To take part, first get your box of major yums Toblerone chocolate:

Hmmm... It's like a nest of baby Toblerones waiting to be gobbled!

Inside the box you'd find a small piece of paper with your unique code!

Don't copy mine hor!!

Then, go to...


This is actually creative and fun!

You are to create a gift online for whoever you love - and the most creative gift will have their virtual creations matched one for one in real life!

Is that fun or what?

Here's mine:

I reckoned that there is nobody I love more than myself, so I shall send this gift to me!

However, it appears that this tendency of loving oneself so much is not very common - there is no option to give this to myself, so I chose cousins.

The thought that I am my own cousin terrifies me. (Which I am not!)

Next you click and drag the items you want into the box!

There are loads and loads of things to choose from!

I am so unpredictable - look, I chose all the pick stuff!! And I SO need a purple cap... Gimme, Toblerone!!

This is so exciting, I saw that they even have Coach bangles!!

You can then give your loved one a mushy message:

Awww, how sweet.

And send!


Ok la don't be so bad, I also picked some stuff out for Mike:

With a loving message:

See what a good girlfriend I am?!

But Valentine's Day is not just a day to show your boyfriend/girlfriend how you feel.

So here's to the woman who have been with me, thick and thin, through many ex-boyfriends who broke my heart: My mom!!!

Here's what I got for her!

Coach bangles - she loves purple. A necklace and a brooch I think she'd like... An organiser because hers is full to burst. A pink baggie because I stole her pink Fila bag and now she has no swimming bag... Sorry mom!!!


So go send your loved ones a virtual gift now that might turn into reality! Even if you didn't buy your Toblerone yet, you can still play with this. :)

Remember to show love to whoever deserves it, not just your partner or crush!!

Not for you, Pumpkin!!! How can something so yummy be poisonous for dogs?

p/s: Hair is tied up at the back in the pretense of short hair. I didn't cut!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New videos! Now blogged on time!!!


Some outtakes from my green screen episode.

In this episode I try out tarot card reading!
I don't think I am very good at it...


OMG! Are Kaykay and Paul charming or what! In this persuasion challenge, they managed to get complete strangers to do amazing things without explicitly asking!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phlook! It's a new blog post finally!!


I've been having so much fun with CNY!! I already won $500 in Texas Hold 'em and another $150 in Blackjack!! Woohoo!!

Which explains why I haven't been blogging - and I still won't be blogging if not for...


Phlook is a new website set up by Singaporeans - and it's photosharing innovated so that your photosharing experience can now be way more interactive RIGHT ON YOUR OWN BLOG!

Anyway, I've decided to give them a try and use their services for this blog post!

Their advantages are simple:

- Phlooks gives me 100mb a month to upload photos!! Photos are limited at a generous 2600 X 2600 pixels, so don't hestiate to post up those SLR shots! Isn't it annoying when photo-uploading websites always resize your photos smaller for you? Not gonna happen!

- Photos posted on Phlook are easily embedded on my blog or any other website I want with 1 click of a button!

- Photos are interactive! I can add NOTES to the photos - kinda like Facebook's tagging option!

- I can track your photos' viewership, zoom the photo, and email them easily!

So here are some of the USA trip photos!

Now, instead of pointing out little things I noticed in the pics, I can just leave a note on them!

Click on "Pic has XXX notes" to read the notes I wrote!

And best of all, you guys can also leave notes on my pictures! Go ahead and scandalise them if you must. :D

That's me in a pet shop holding a Ferret and looking terrified for a good reason - the ferret bit me really hard!

But it is cute and wiggly... The salesgirl said they have no backbones so they are really soft!

Obligatory touristy photo with a cold Texan horse.

Ordered "Vegetable curry" at PF Chang's (a supposedly Chinese restaurant) and this is what they gave it! It's not wet at all, it's stir-fried and it's horrible! Got peanuts inside somemore!

Luckily the waiter saw that I didn't eat any and didn't charge me money for it! He is super nice!

Stir-fried spinach in yucky sauce

Us there. Mike's wearing a beanie because he is actually cold - not to act douchey.

The fortune cookie teaches Chinese and I forced Mike to write it! His 'Pu Tao' is so squarish and funny! Top one is my writing.

It's magic!! How did the cookie know?!

Mike insists that the 'kou' in 'shang' has a TAIL.

My name - one is written by a real Chinese, can you tell which?

Shopping! Write a note and tell me which item you like!

Mike and his friend Jeff

I bought like a million OPIs! It doesn't look like a lot, but check this out!

Really got all colours of the rainbow here man...

A real dandelion!!!!!!!!!!

Half botak liao...


Mike's mom's kitty cat

Korea's Incheon Airport:

Crazy burger is stacked so high, it looks like the Bishi Bashi challenge! Where got people got such a big mouth can bite through such a thick burger?!

Our six-hour transit was made very pleasant as we got a massage on that funny chair...

AND comfy lounging...

AND best of all....

A place for us to shower for 6 USD! God bless the Koreans for that!!

They give you the little basket with soap and your towel + toothbrush + razor. The towel is super unabsorbant, but everything else was great!

Really clean...

I do love it!!

Don't like to have too many photos clogging up your site? You can also choose to have a slideshow option with Phlook!

My photos in a simple slideshow:

Oh btw... One new option that Phlook came up with is for photographers to EASILY sell their pictures!

It's simple: Give Phlook your paypal email address, and the money gets to you when your picture sells!! Now isn't that just great?

Love Phlook? Wear your Phlook badge proudly!! Here's mine:


Click here to create yours!


I'm not sure how serious Phlook is, but apparently they have a Valentine's Day contest and the winner gets to, erm, win a return trip to Venus!

OK I asked and they are apparently serious. This is what you have to do to win it:

1. Come to Phlook Habitat (32 Wallich Street #02-60 Singapore 078880) on 14th Feb 2009, 10am - 6pm, and give them a kiss. (They promise to kiss you back.)
2. Take a photo of said kiss.
3. Upload the photo to Phlook and embed it back to your blog.
4. Leave a comment in Phlook's blog with your kissed-Phlook blog post’s url.


I might send Mike down to do it. I hope Venus is more pleasant than Mars, which I heard is flaming hot and has only a wee bit of water (I anyhow say one).

Go try out their services already!! Click.

Oh no...

Is it just me or is Singapore suddenly filled with a fuckload of fucking MOSQUITOES?!

Everywhere I go suddenly I'm getting bitten - and the situation is getting way out of hand even at home!

There's been one living in my room (I cannot stand the master bedroom having insects!!) for the past 3 days and it has been nipping at Mike's feet when he sleeps and biting me everywhere it pleases!

I swear I've got at least 20 itchy spots, and worst of all, this newest batch of mosquitoes give really small bites - seemingly just to piss us off! Each bite is barely the size of a moderate zit!

Today, just after I turned off the room light and started using the comp, I saw a humongous mozzie zipping pass my monitor in a happy flutter.

That bugger had the audacity to fly pass my FACE!

I slapped it but missed, so I went outside to fetch the electric bug zapper and maniacally swiped the entire room before giving it a rest, panting and swearing to get it just when it thinks it is safe.

Muttering under my voice, I complained to Mike (who is in bed and keeping his toes safely tucked under the covers... He confirm will kena on the face):


Mike replied that that's where all the blood is.

"Outside also got blood what..." I was referring to Pumpkin, who was sleeping in the living room.

Later on, I went into the living room to get something, and I decided to check on Pumpkin to see if I need to clean her pee/poo.

(On a side note, she is now officially toilet-trained!!!!!!!!!!!! I am majorly proud of myself! I wait outside her cage like a loser till she pees then I give her treats and now she knows if she pees inside she will gets treats! I am so awesome!!)

Pumps walked out of her plouffy bed to wag her tail at me, and I noticed a little black speck on her pink cushion.

On closer inspection, a MOSQUITO.

That's right, a Mozzie was SLEEPING WITH MY PET.

Can you imagine how shiok this mozzie's life is? Tired, sleep on soft pink cushion. Hungry, just hop onto Pumpkin and suck.

"Sheeeeshhhhhhh..." I said to Pumpkin. I carried her out of her fenced area and grabbed the zapper from the room.

Said mozzie still sleeping in same spot, unaware of impending deadly zapper!

Slowly... Slowly... BAM! Squeak toy also gets hit and emits loud noise.

I missed.



I zapped but this one flew away.



I frantically swatted everywhere again and didn't catch them.

Later on, this stupid mozzie flew back to the same spot! This time I got it good and fried her with delightful crackling noises and blue sparks!!

Also, at the same time I realised that the first mozzie's corpse is actually on the cushion. -_-


Behold, their tragically mutilated bodies:

So much blood...

Poor Pumpkin. All this time I kept thinking, "Why is that stupid dog scratching again? I just cleaned her ears, she can't be THAT itchy..."

Little did I know...

Well Mozzies? That's the blood of my baby (babies if you include Mike) you are sucking! Don't mess with me, I will confirm kill you in the most gruesome and undignified way possible**!

Will mosquito coil fumes affect dogs? Maybe I could get that. Stupid Condo's maintanence ought to look into this. I think one of my neighbours must have left still water somewhere. It's not me! I checked!

**Electrify, then squeezed with tissue and then flushed down toilet after first peeing into the toilet bowl.

UPDATE 5 MINS LATER: I just went outside to check and there was another mozzie next to Pumpkin! OMG! Is she a mozzie-attracting puppy or what!!! I already closed all windows, how many mozzies can one house hold?! I'm go check on PK in 10 mins again so I can kill all of them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New vids!!

Sorry for not blogging for so long! I've been really busy writing advertorials :(

Anyway, here are new videos - do go check them out if you are bored!!


I try out Yoga with less than optimal results.


Truth or Dare part II!!

And Kaykay doesn't love me anymore she super long never meet me liao!!

OK, I must be the suayest person in the world when it comes to computers. My PC keeps having this same problem: After reinstalling it, everything will be fine for about 2 weeks.

Then, it will slowly begin to hang more and more often, until it is completely fucked and won't turn on.

Anybody has any idea what is the problem with the crazy fucker??! Why does it keep doing that??!

It can't be my installed programs because it takes 2 weeks to go crazy! It's not my hard drive coz I already changed one (still same problem with the new one), and I don't think it's my ram either. WTF?????

It has to be a hardware problem, right?!