Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phlook! It's a new blog post finally!!


I've been having so much fun with CNY!! I already won $500 in Texas Hold 'em and another $150 in Blackjack!! Woohoo!!

Which explains why I haven't been blogging - and I still won't be blogging if not for...


Phlook is a new website set up by Singaporeans - and it's photosharing innovated so that your photosharing experience can now be way more interactive RIGHT ON YOUR OWN BLOG!

Anyway, I've decided to give them a try and use their services for this blog post!

Their advantages are simple:

- Phlooks gives me 100mb a month to upload photos!! Photos are limited at a generous 2600 X 2600 pixels, so don't hestiate to post up those SLR shots! Isn't it annoying when photo-uploading websites always resize your photos smaller for you? Not gonna happen!

- Photos posted on Phlook are easily embedded on my blog or any other website I want with 1 click of a button!

- Photos are interactive! I can add NOTES to the photos - kinda like Facebook's tagging option!

- I can track your photos' viewership, zoom the photo, and email them easily!

So here are some of the USA trip photos!

Now, instead of pointing out little things I noticed in the pics, I can just leave a note on them!

Click on "Pic has XXX notes" to read the notes I wrote!

And best of all, you guys can also leave notes on my pictures! Go ahead and scandalise them if you must. :D

That's me in a pet shop holding a Ferret and looking terrified for a good reason - the ferret bit me really hard!

But it is cute and wiggly... The salesgirl said they have no backbones so they are really soft!

Obligatory touristy photo with a cold Texan horse.

Ordered "Vegetable curry" at PF Chang's (a supposedly Chinese restaurant) and this is what they gave it! It's not wet at all, it's stir-fried and it's horrible! Got peanuts inside somemore!

Luckily the waiter saw that I didn't eat any and didn't charge me money for it! He is super nice!

Stir-fried spinach in yucky sauce

Us there. Mike's wearing a beanie because he is actually cold - not to act douchey.

The fortune cookie teaches Chinese and I forced Mike to write it! His 'Pu Tao' is so squarish and funny! Top one is my writing.

It's magic!! How did the cookie know?!

Mike insists that the 'kou' in 'shang' has a TAIL.

My name - one is written by a real Chinese, can you tell which?

Shopping! Write a note and tell me which item you like!

Mike and his friend Jeff

I bought like a million OPIs! It doesn't look like a lot, but check this out!

Really got all colours of the rainbow here man...

A real dandelion!!!!!!!!!!

Half botak liao...


Mike's mom's kitty cat

Korea's Incheon Airport:

Crazy burger is stacked so high, it looks like the Bishi Bashi challenge! Where got people got such a big mouth can bite through such a thick burger?!

Our six-hour transit was made very pleasant as we got a massage on that funny chair...

AND comfy lounging...

AND best of all....

A place for us to shower for 6 USD! God bless the Koreans for that!!

They give you the little basket with soap and your towel + toothbrush + razor. The towel is super unabsorbant, but everything else was great!

Really clean...

I do love it!!

Don't like to have too many photos clogging up your site? You can also choose to have a slideshow option with Phlook!

My photos in a simple slideshow:

Oh btw... One new option that Phlook came up with is for photographers to EASILY sell their pictures!

It's simple: Give Phlook your paypal email address, and the money gets to you when your picture sells!! Now isn't that just great?

Love Phlook? Wear your Phlook badge proudly!! Here's mine:


Click here to create yours!


I'm not sure how serious Phlook is, but apparently they have a Valentine's Day contest and the winner gets to, erm, win a return trip to Venus!

OK I asked and they are apparently serious. This is what you have to do to win it:

1. Come to Phlook Habitat (32 Wallich Street #02-60 Singapore 078880) on 14th Feb 2009, 10am - 6pm, and give them a kiss. (They promise to kiss you back.)
2. Take a photo of said kiss.
3. Upload the photo to Phlook and embed it back to your blog.
4. Leave a comment in Phlook's blog with your kissed-Phlook blog post’s url.


I might send Mike down to do it. I hope Venus is more pleasant than Mars, which I heard is flaming hot and has only a wee bit of water (I anyhow say one).

Go try out their services already!! Click.