So anyway, just got stunned into blogging.

The story starts about 3 weeks ago when I got Pumpkin. She had really bad Kennel Cough!

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Kennel Cough is a highly contagious cough that loads of puppies have, especially those bought from Kennels because, well, highly contagious like I said.

So poor Pumpkin was hacking her throat out. On the morning of the second day I bought her, when I took her out of her cage, she literally just flopped on the floor and wouldn't move.

I panicked and called about 10 vet clinics and all of them were jam-packed! (Wah vets business damn good leh!) Except for one...

(Geez must I disclaim EVERYTHING?? It's not that her business is bad, it's just that she happened to have a free slot.)

So I went to that clinic.

The first vet I encountered there was very young and female. Like late 20s? I didn't know what I was expecting, but I guess I expected vets to be like GPs?? Mostly uncles??

Anyway she was really nice lah.

The next time I went, the other vet working there is also young and female.


I was like -_- wtf this place full of chio girl vets... The whole time she was talking to me about Pumpkin I was wondering why her skin is so nicely tanned. And such straight teeth!

The third time I bought Pumpkin to the vet, Mike went with me.

Me, to Mike, "The vets are chio, don't fall in love with them ah! Don't forget they are animal lovers and will fill your house to the brim with dogs!" (Mike doesn't like animals.)

Mike told me to stop being paranoid.

After the visit I asked Mike if the vet is chio and he said "Not bad". -_-

So ANYWAY. I swear this story has a point and it's coming!

I was surfing SPCA's site trying to find Obedience classes for Pumpkin when I saw this:

That's right. That's my vet and she was Miss Singapore Universe.

Totally didn't recognise her in real life.

She kinda looks different in photos (her face seems to be skinnier in real life) so I am like 99% sure it's her. After all, how many chio vets whose name is Cheryl have that dog (I saw it in the clinic) and graduated from Sydney?

Anyway I dunno why I am so surprised la. I guess I didn't expect Miss Singapore Universes to be doing a job as steadfast as being a doctor. I thought people who enter beauty pageants are more attention-seeking (not a bad thing ok!)/trying to get fame/looking for a fast track to becoming a cookie-cutter MCS actress...

Confirm weird to see your vet in a bikini.........

SEE MIKE?? I WASN'T PARANOID! She was chioest in Singapore during 2005, I have all rights to be insecure!! (Actually I am not insecure but I'm just saying I have all reason to be)

Anyway I'm sure someone told Dr Tay to read this, so Hi Dr Tay (and Dr Daphne if you are reading too!)!!!!!!!! Pumpkin's much better now thanks to your meds!! :D


I might as well answer questions regarding Pumpkin since so many of you asked.

- She is a pure-bred Yorkshire terrier. Her daddy is some Thailand champion, and so is her grandfather, great-grandfather, etc. People got papers one hor! One of her grandmas is called Chichi Rose. -_-

- She is not a "teacup" yorkie. I checked and teacups cost about $11,000, and yes, as I am frequently reminded, they are very unhealthy. Currently at 4 months old PK weighs 700grams.

- She cost me $2,800, of which $800 is paid by Mike for my Xmas present. I know that's expensive, but stfu, I think she's worth it. If you have to look at something for the next 15 years, obviously you have to think that thing is beautiful right? Why spend zero dollars on a dog that I don't like and then mistreat it??

Anyway that's that lah! Quit harping on how commercialised I am! I've got nothing to blog about so even without the adverts there will be no posts!

It does seem like everyone is having fun with the Phlook comments though. I love how innovative you all are, calling me fat and ugly and slutty in most pictures. Woohoo!!

p/s: Love the comments on Plasticzilla's Phlook's photos! Hilarious! Poor chick can't delete them fast enough, ahaha... Anyway, I didn't know that she was also doing the Phlook advert, otherwise I would never have agreed to do it.

That's right! From now on I vow to not accept any adverts that also involve her, because I think that plagiarisers and liars really put all other bloggers to shame and should not be able to earn money from blogging.

As such, advertisers will have to choose between going for me, or for her. If you really want to advertise with her, go ahead - I deem your product unworthy to be put on my site anyway since you have such bad taste.

The choice is clear. Do you really want to advertise on a liar's website? Smear your brand's name with the same brush as that of the luxury bags' scam? Don't take my word for it! See this.


Oooh yes I am still harping on Dawn! Why the hell not? Still makes me feel good. Bite me!

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