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186 pictures - V Day/3rd Year anniversay/10 Year Reunion/USA shopping/CNY/Randoms

Woah! Some of these photos are seriously overdue! Anyway, I'm starting with USA shopping . My USD$100 Tales of Beedle the Bard arrived! (A thousand years ago) So cute Left: Box in HP fonts Right: My Walmart $7 cheap Beedle version, and un-unpacked luggage. Size of book in comparison to my foot Velvety rich Top: $7 version. Bottom: $100 version with J K Rowling's illustrations. Into Harry Potter shelf! Now for my loot! Skip it all if you are a guy, I bet it's very boring to you. Geez, would you look at those OPI sluts? They fucked and got babies. Nowaways nail polish ah... Sigh. Actually the baby OPI bottles are part of my 3-tiered Xmas presents from Mike's mom! She's the sweetest ever. She gave me an OPI Festive set, a full ULTA make up kit, and a charm! Bras for KK and me F21: Chioest dress ever - damn cheap like $17! Fringe shift dress Bikini dress with built-in padding: $9. Track pants Maxi satin PJ Lo