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Bah! I have no inspiration to blog lately, don't know why. During droughts like this I often think that my blogging time is up and I will slowly rot into obscurity, but so far something else always pops up and everything goes fine again.

Anyway, I haven't been blogging because nothing much interesting is happening in my life, and so there is nothing to blog about.

The pictures though, have accumulated to a staggering amount - just like my unfolded laundry. Goddamn it. I have USA pics... V day pics... My secondary class's 10 year reunion pics... And a Gmask advertorial!!

The thought of editing all those makes me wanna puke a little.

Anyway that day I went into Body Shop and bought a bronzer. The cashier told me while passing me my product: "Thanks for saving the earth", or something like that... Could be planet instead of Earth.

I wanted to tell her, "Oh, go fuck herself."

How the fuck did I contribute in any way to saving the earth? If I didn't buy that bronzer, it's not like I would have bought another animal-tested (oh wait that's not earth-saving), nuclear-powered bronzer or anything.

I would in fact have not bought any other bronzer at all coz I already have so many. (I liked their brush design)

And excuse me, are Body Shop's factories free of pollution completely? Do they not use plastic on their products? Full of crap man.

All these tree huggers acting all self-righteous piss me off.

All that happened after I bought a product from them was not that I saved the Earth - it was that I gave their company an inflated price for a bronzer.

So, Body Shop should have in fact told me, "Thanks madam, for yet another product bought from our conglomerate."

Why can't stores by more honest?

Gah. I don't care if Body Shop does all that environmental acts they do - just don't involve me in it can? I only buy your products because they smell so nice.

Oh by the way Pumpkin is really into eating her own poop recently.

Once I saw her do it, and I didn't really believe my eyes, so I did the stupidest thing ever: I went to smell her mouth.

You cannot imagine the stench... Although admittedly it is better than the maggoty fragance from my old rotten fridge lah... But still.

WTF MAN. Why is she so gross?

I keep checking on her every 5 minutes after she eats (usually poops after that) but she is so lightning fast man... Poop gone...

I bought some Coprophagia deterrent nonsense (30 bucks ok!!), but that pill really stinks, and yet doesn't seem to improve a thing.

Well... Self-cleaning dog.


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Plucking out all 4 of my wisdom teeth at once!!


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UPDATE: OK apparently I was told I saved the Earth because I didn't want a plastic bag. So paiseh... Sorry for maligning you Body Shop!!!

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