Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I want!!

Just saw this in the news (dunno if it's old news lah, but anyway...).


Pink bottlenose dolphin... Not the fake pink kind with blotchy grey spots mind you... A chio shade of pink!

The other one looks so ugly in comparison

Come swim to mummy!!

Is it cute or what! Mother nature should make more things this shade of pink! Not the PIG kinda beigey pink... Eww... This kinda pink!

But alas for me, this dolphin is one of its kind... That's right, only one in the world!

And Paris Hilton is probably already on her way to capturing it. That, and that my condo's maintenance probably won't be too happy with me keeping my pet dolphin in the swimming pool...

What? Why should it bother anyone? It's chio and the kids will love it lor...

Geez! What are you lazy scientists doing! It's time to breed more albino peacocks (chioest ever man... Malfoy residence got, hahaha) and real pink dolphins!! Give the nuclear research and cloning a rest man!

Grey dolphins... Pah!

Source: Geekologie. Hope you guys don't mind the hotlinking for the pics...