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Advertorial What's this?! It's a close-up of a Chipster potato chip! Not any Chipster potato chip... It's the new Chipster flavour - TOMATO TORNADO! AND... It's only one of the TWO new Chipster flavours! The other one is Flaming BBQ , which I completely didn't manage to buy despite going to two different places to look for it. It's like sold out everywhere! Anyway, I love new products!! BECAUSE WITH NEW PRODUCTS ARE ALWAYS CONTESTS!!! Just open your new packet of Chipster and you will find a little red card inside that allows you to join the all new CHIPSTER SUPERSTAR contest!! I'm excited about this contest because it actually gives you a chance to go on TV with a movie you create!! The "movie" is actually already created by Chipster lah... All you have to do is to paste faces in and come up with some witty lines!!! The movie I chose is called "James Blog" and it's like a spoof of James Bond.

A day before my quarter-life crisis!!

I am doomed lor I am starting to blog this picture post at 7am (haven't slept) and there are 156 pictures! I'm gonna try not to put too many words in. Eh..................... As promised, red and yellow pic. Horribly sunburnt. My arm's skin actually crackling before it could be peeled off. Almost recovered from my third-degree burns. Can still see my arm peeling! ******************************** KK and her bf wanted a puppy so she took me to the Seletar puppy mill... The living conditions for both humans (humans there sleep in same room as dogs on thin mattresses - can you say stinky?!) and dogs there is really horrible! It's like not a part of Singapore man! The stud is from the mill and it's mad dirty-looking lah. The old man works there and he isn't too clean either. But overall, I'd say the mill is not as bad as people often describe lah. You can drive there and see if you want! Seletar farmway. Anyway... The pho