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Gonna go to Bali for a sponsored 4 day holiday! Lucky or what! I've always want to go there but this is my virgin trip. *crazed smile* I'm gonna be honest with you guys... Don't think I'd update the blog blog part of the blog, but for sure I'd update the Photo of the Moment and Twitter ! So come come to check for my holiday pictures before I even blog about them normally! :D I checked and the roaming data price is 2c per 1kb. How much is that exactly? I guess I just won't be excessive. Anyway I'm so happy coz I can take beautiful shots with my new camera! So excited!!! I already put it into a waterproof bag (Juicy, no less) to prevent the same thing from happening to my old Cybershot (ie drowned in sea water together with phone). FML . p/s: I cannot understand why any of you think that the jerboa is not cute. Just because it looks nothing like we've ever seen before doesn't mean it's not cute what!

I want I want I want! Pygmy Jerboa....

Saw this link from Perez Hilton's tweet. This cannot possibly be real. It's the maddest cutest thing EVER in the WORLD! My god I totally want one so bad!!!!!! How can there be something real that's so cute?!?! It's so cute it's actually making me feel a bit sick. Like seriously! *makings coo-ing noises* *whips out credit card* So where do I buy one??


New blogskin is up! Currently my designer is still fixing the comments. Like it? Click on the "I like this" button at the bottom. And give me your comments!!!!!! **************** UPDATE: Ok now that the site is properly done I've got time to blog more about the skin! My web designer is none other than Lionel, from Nitro Designs . He also did my friend Ming's webpage , and I really liked what he did with the speech bubble on the banner with the twitter feed in it! So about 2 months ago, I asked him to help me with the design... We sorta bounced ideas off each other till it is what you see here! For years I procrastinated on a new skin because the old one was so good and I felt really pressurized to do something better than that if I wanted a change. But times has changed and so must blogskins! I must take credit for the idea of the "twitter feed + Photo of the Moment on top" idea though!! I've been photoblogging/tweeting on those two so much

Blah blah blah

All the comments are going on about how lazy I am and little prophecies about how I am going to lose my popularity etc! I mean, on the whole I AM lazy, undeniably, but I've been busy these few days working on the new blogskin! I mean, that is part of blogging also right! Hmpf! Kena accused of being lazy when I am actually working hard! I even missed a KTV session ok! I know you are salivating (you are that excited), but it will only be launched in maybe 2 days' time. And the reason why I polled whether you guys want short posts or long posts is because I bought a Blackberry!! Therefore, I'm connected to the internet all the time and I can twitter/post photos with a short caption anytime I want! Since most of you choose long posts over short posts, I've actually came up with the perfect skin for that. I think it's fab anyway!!! It will be like... revolutionary!! Meanwhile, excuse me while I go work on the skin and an advertorial for Watsons. If you are that


Paiseh for neglecting the blog again. I've been really busy lately. The good news is, I've definitely got something good coming up real soon! Promise you won't be disappointed! Blog again tomorrow. Mad tired gonna sleep now. p/s: Poll - would you rather this blog be filled with loads of little posts (Twitter style I guess) everyday or a good long post every few days?

New videos!!!!!

XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE The ultimate guide to self-defence!! Learnt from a real kung-fu master no less! CHICK VS DICK Ever wondered how these cute candies were made? Kaykay and Paul have to learn and we get to see who is better! THE SHAN AND ROZZ SHOW Shan and Rozz interview an Expat from Sweden who loves Singapore and makes him eat durians!!