Friday, May 29, 2009


Gonna go to Bali for a sponsored 4 day holiday! Lucky or what!

I've always want to go there but this is my virgin trip. *crazed smile*

I'm gonna be honest with you guys... Don't think I'd update the blog blog part of the blog, but for sure I'd update the Photo of the Moment and Twitter!

So come come to check for my holiday pictures before I even blog about them normally! :D

I checked and the roaming data price is 2c per 1kb. How much is that exactly? I guess I just won't be excessive.

Anyway I'm so happy coz I can take beautiful shots with my new camera! So excited!!!

I already put it into a waterproof bag (Juicy, no less) to prevent the same thing from happening to my old Cybershot (ie drowned in sea water together with phone). FML.

p/s: I cannot understand why any of you think that the jerboa is not cute. Just because it looks nothing like we've ever seen before doesn't mean it's not cute what!