Monday, May 25, 2009

Blah blah blah

All the comments are going on about how lazy I am and little prophecies about how I am going to lose my popularity etc!

I mean, on the whole I AM lazy, undeniably, but I've been busy these few days working on the new blogskin! I mean, that is part of blogging also right! Hmpf! Kena accused of being lazy when I am actually working hard! I even missed a KTV session ok!

I know you are salivating (you are that excited), but it will only be launched in maybe 2 days' time.

And the reason why I polled whether you guys want short posts or long posts is because I bought a Blackberry!!

Therefore, I'm connected to the internet all the time and I can twitter/post photos with a short caption anytime I want!

Since most of you choose long posts over short posts, I've actually came up with the perfect skin for that. I think it's fab anyway!!! It will be like... revolutionary!!

Meanwhile, excuse me while I go work on the skin and an advertorial for Watsons.

If you are that bored, you can sign up for Twitter and follow me here: LINK.

The 300 or so kiasu people who are already following me got a little glimpse of the new blogskin yesterday. :D

AND............ Watch videos!



Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom!

I know. So long overdue it's almost Father's day.


Watch KK and Paul attempt the impossible.


A woman who claims she can see angels!

Ding dong or some sort of messiah? Decide for yourself.

And a little bonus.

Asia Uncut on Star World interviewed me ages ago but I had not mentioned it yet. You can watch my interview here:

I totally deserved being forced to use a mac for the show.

They told me to bring my laptop but I forgot.