New blogskin is up! Currently my designer is still fixing the comments. Like it? Click on the "I like this" button at the bottom.

And give me your comments!!!!!!



Ok now that the site is properly done I've got time to blog more about the skin!

My web designer is none other than Lionel, from Nitro Designs. He also did my friend Ming's webpage, and I really liked what he did with the speech bubble on the banner with the twitter feed in it!

So about 2 months ago, I asked him to help me with the design...

We sorta bounced ideas off each other till it is what you see here!

For years I procrastinated on a new skin because the old one was so good and I felt really pressurized to do something better than that if I wanted a change.

But times has changed and so must blogskins!

I must take credit for the idea of the "twitter feed + Photo of the Moment on top" idea though!!

I've been photoblogging/tweeting on those two so much it's crazy!

Now, because I have a blackberry, it's super duper easy to simply take a photo and send it to blogger!!

The whole process takes less than 1 minute.

Snap, blackberry asks me what I want to do with the photo. I select "email" and send it to a secret blogger email address assigned for that blog, and type in a caption. And I hit send!

Every blogger should have a blackberry!

And because Photo of the Moment and Twitter are updated ALL THE MUTHAFUCKING TIME, you will no longer log into the website and feel annoyed that I didn't update!

Because I definitely would update everyday from now! Yay for us all!

To scroll to the previous photo, just click on the little purple arrow. :)

Cool isn't it?

Other cool stuff!

- 6 different banner photos that rotate everytime you refresh!

- Little "I like it" widget at the bottom lets you express your feelings for entries without having to leave a comment.

- Finally incorporated a search bar

- And an "Older posts" button.

- And and... Look how chio he made my blockquotes!

And good news for advertisers, especially blogshops!

If you wish to have a cheap and efficient ad, the Pixel Grid would be perfect for you.

One square with a tagline of your choice links to your webpage...

And get this...

SGD $100 - and that ad is permanent.

Yes! Forever there! So grab the prominent spots before they are all gone!

It doesn't have to be a small square. You can buy 6 squares to form into a bigass ad and $600 gives you a permanent ad space on! :)

The chio photos are shot quite some time ago by photographer Kenneth Koh. You can see his works here!

So anyway, whether you like the design or not, it's here to stay! Meanwhile, remember to always check on Photo of the Moment because that's updated all the time!

I'm editing photos for the photos I took... Got a lot lah! And I love that now you can see the quality of my LX3 in its full glory because the photos can go to a maximum width of 640 pixels wide!

Meanwhile to placate you all here's a photo of me I like very much:

Chio or what! I totally look like someone shot me unaware but I was the photographer MUAHAHAHAHA! And yes I dyed a patch of my hair pink!

I am comtemplating doing it for my whole head. Yes/No?

And now you can click on the "I like it!" button!!!

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