Sunday, June 21, 2009

Won a twitter fight today

As you all know I'm very active on Twitter.

Recently there has been a flood on Iran-related tweets, which I found to be really annoying.

I don't care about Iran and I wish that others who also don't will have the social courage to ADMIT THAT THEY DON'T INSTEAD OF PRETENDING.

Once Mike asked a group of people if they are more bothered about a raging toothache or a group of people dying in some far-off country.

Most people in the group obviously answered the toothache.

Only if you are comfortable yourself will you be able to show empathy for others. You think hungry homeless people are passionate about helping other hungry homeless people find food??

And even IF you are comfortable, I don't see why one can't choose to be apathetic if one deems fit.

I don't care about Iran, because I don't know anyone there, I don't think I can make a difference and I am simply not interested.

Up till today I just have no idea what's happening there. And don't bother telling me, didn't I just say I'm not interested?

By being apathetic and self-centred I am not making the situation any worse or any better.

So I don't see why I can't be. Am I being hard-hearted, selfish, or cruel? I don't fucking think so! I'm just being APATHETIC.

Being ignorant is my choice and a result of how little interest I have in a situation.

I am not harming anyone and I shouldn't be judged for it!

You know who else also doesn't care? Probably your parents/grandparents. Go fucking lecture then on their ignorance instead of me.

Anyway, today, I tweeted that 'I'm gonna slit my wrists if I read another Iran-related tweet'.

Of course, out pops an Iran Enthusiast called @rainorchid.

Rainorchid told me to go slit my wrists then because so many people are suffering and all I can think of is how I don't like reading Iran tweets.

I replied:

Yeah and what are you doing? Go to Iran and fight instead of tweeting then! Hypocrite.

And he replied something to the effect of "I WOULD IF I COULD" and blabbered some lame excuse for not going.

So I said:

You would if you could? I'd buy you a one-way air ticket there. Dare you take up this challenge?

At this point Rainorchid mumbled something about me issuing a "death threat" (WTF??? SIAO) and going on about some other incoherent nonsense about how I lost a fan... And started to delete all his tweets!


It's so bloody easy to just TALK.

Are you willing to go all the way for Iran? Instead of just TWEETING on a computer about an issue you are supposedly dead passionate about?

So convenient. "I would if I could"

I also would donate $10 million to Iran IF I COULD. I can say that because I don't have $10 million!!! I got a few thousand but alas! I need to buy Juicy Couture so I simply cannot spare any for Iran! This makes me a moral saint!

And then? When I offered to pay for the air ticket what happened? What other things could be stopping him? Drop everything in your comfort zone and fly there to help!

You can be passionate about an issue, but don't you dare lecture others. Others who are simply uninterested in your perspective. Keep your judgmental pompous mouth shut and make yourself useful via action, not by passing judgment on others.

Will complaining about how cruel Xiaxue is make the situation in Iran any better? Noooo... Save your energy. Donate your salary to worthier causes.

And face it: You are just being semi-charitable to make yourself feel better. It makes you feel superior, like you are a good person. In a way, that's even more self-centred than being apathetic.

If you really care, you would go ALL THE WAY like Mother Teresa. Go ahead and give up your life. No more air-con rooms for you! Mother Teresa can lecture me. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY.

You know what this reminds me of? MORAL VEGETARIANS.

Eating animals is unkind, but when you confront them that eating plants also kills animals what do they do? Nothing. Avert their eyes and continue their hypocrity. Just as long as they not still in their comfort zone.

Everyone's just as useless as I am but at least I am not pretending to not be.

p/s: Love the Maddox post and I've linked him about a million times. It's just so good!
p/p/s: Now the Orchid is saying dunno what rubbish about having family in Iran. I see. You have a computer, internet connection, and the freedom to tweet continuously for hours, but you are unwilling to give all that up for Iran. Very, very selfless.

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