Thursday, July 16, 2009

3cm gone, thanks to CENOSIS!


When Nuffnang told me that Cenosis was inviting me to go for a slimming treatment, I felt elated and apprehensive at the same time.

Elated because I saw what they did for Quan Yi Feng (and trust me I saw her MANY times in real life and she's SUPER slim!) and I wanted the same results!

Apprehensive because let's face it, who trusts Slimming Companies? For some reason, everyone's first reaction is that they don't work. And if they don't work, how the hell am I supposed to write an advertorial for them?!

I walked into Cenosis and these slim ladies in suits started to talk to me. One in charge of Biz development, another is a nutritionist, and yet another is a physiotherapist!

We were talking about the slimming industry and I was surprised to see how frank the girls were about how untrustworthy slimming centres are generally perceived to be.

Since there are no board of governance in the slimming industry, there are loads of misleading ads out there simply lying about slimming technologies, a subject which most clients have no idea about.

Especially now that the economy is in the dumps, competitors start to get more and more blatant with their lies to get customers.

Of course, the actual slimming is promised but never fulfilled, and one bad apple starts to ruin the whole basket.

When Cenosis explained to me how underhanded their competitors can be (by showing me actual ads), I could FEEL their indignation seething.

I can totally understand it! Just like when Plasticzilla was blowing up her hits and only I know it's impossible but I can't prove it!

Cenosis wants to CHANGE this perception. They want to show that their slimming methods DO work.

And so they bought my current favourite robot,
called a CAVITATION machine.

This machine is obviously mad expensive and Cenosis is the only slimming centre which owns it.

So now you are thinking it's just another bullshit machine?


It's a medical machine.

PHYSIOTHERAPISTS and DOCTORS can administer this treatment.

The machine works at 50watts.

Therefore, it requires an N2 license from the National Environment Agency.

The N2 license is a safety assurance license to ensure nobody but certified physiotherapists and doctors can handle the machine.

What IS a physiotherapist?
I was surprised to find out that physiotherapists are degree holders and they actually have to study for 5 years to get a degree in Physiotherapy before they qualify as one!

So not to worry, it won't be some untrained part-time girl doing the treatments on you!

Back to Cavitation... What does it do?

It breaks down fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro bubbles. The complex fatty acids then are broken down into simpler fatty acids, which are passed out when you poop.

(I got horrified at this point and asked if it's like Xanical and thank god, it isn't. Just regular poop.)

Other slimming centres (I'd love to name names but Cenosis wants to remain nice) have been coming up with ads of 'imitation' Cavitation machines.

Since cavitation involves penetrating deep in to break the fat cells membrance, other less strong machines won't be able to do it, so don't fall for cheaper deals that don't work - just go for the real thing!

But first, because I get to try Cavitation, I must first get on the Body Composition Evaluator.

There it is

I hate this stupid thing because
it told me I should be IDEALLY...

39.5 kg!

I know it sounds like it's very little but I'm mad short so that should be my ideal weight.

I always knew I was pudgy lah but I so did not need to see confirmation of that. Hmpf!

But first, the ladies bring me on a tour to see what's actually going on inside a slimming centre. Not any slimming centre of course. Cenosis!

Look at this mad awesome jacuzzi!

The jacuzzi is open for ALL CUSTOMERS to use after their treatments, for free, so that they can have a completely relaxing treatment session. Imagine going with your girlfriend for a treatment then gossiping in that tub in bikinis? Fun!

Steam rooms and saunas are both available!

The "Infu-slim".

It uses water treatments for massage and slimming effects!

The treatment rooms are specially designed for clients' comfort.

Looks like a normal bed? You are WRONG!

The bed is some like complicated machine that has a remote for you to adjust your own head rest, foot rest and back rest!

And there's a phone attached to it too so you can call the front desk at any time!

Best thing is, you can play your own cd if you don't like Cenosis' music! I'd totally blast my therapist with JA JAM BO!!! Too bad they don't play cassettes.

Some more pictures of their rooms with machines:

The slim wave

The Aero-Slim

The Heat Blanket

And amazingly enough, there are more!!!

CHECK IT OUT! There must be a million dollars worth of equipment in there!

And so I change into my robes...

And camwhore for a bit before my physiotherapist comes in!!

My favourite machine after my blackberry/LX3.

I have no idea what this is for... They were stuck on me before treatment begins!

And they decided to do my thighs for me!!!

So fat, no wonder...


Measurements show that
I lost 1.5 cm on each thigh!!

Not only that, after a mere 20 min treatment on each thigh, I could literally FEEL the difference! I could feel it being slimmer and I swear I'm not lying!

For some reason the treatment hurt my left thigh more than my right (the pain is really very tolerable, like a buzzing sensation) so the voltage used on my right was 80 or something and on my left was 45!

And amazingly enough, I could see that my right thigh was visibly smaller than the left!!!

I'm totally sold on it man!

But wait! The treatment doesn't stop here!

After buzzing me up, Cenosis gave me food! Yes f-ing way!

It's the 1st Slimming Centre that launched a Nutri-bar right there in their centre... It even has a kitchen that serves food to clients planned by in-house nutritionists!

Awesome boh?

Afraid you'd succumb to KFC after slimming treatments? Well, just have your fill of healthy food at Cenosis!

First I get served a drink...

Honeydew and Plum!

I drank all of mine. It's sour and totally refreshing! The pulp from the fruits are all left in the drinks for extra nutrients. And I know it looks gross but it's really nice!

The menu that day was Indian styled cooking, so we had briyani and spinach...

Together with Fish Curry!

I won't say it's the best meal of my life. In fact, it's bland but I love it! I love how the food is not oily and over-powering in taste like most outside food.

After eating you definitely won't feel unwell (if you know what I mean, like your stomach is protesting), and you'd feel totally refreshed! And it tastes like comfort food, like the family dinners grandma used to cook!

I probably love unhealthy food more than the average person does but it feels really detoxifying to have something so healthy for a change.

Pah! Food is totally the worst hindrance when it comes to losing weight. I think it's awesome that Cenosis came up with this!

And of course, a lovely hot cup of tea to polish everything off.

Don't know if you guys have heard of the Slimming Glass House Challenge. Last year, Cenosis had Quan Yi Feng do slimming treatments in a glass house for everyone to see, so that people will know what the treatments are like.

This year they are doing it again and a fellow blogger, Winnilicious, is chosen! Do support her in her quest to become slim! :D

p/s: A trial Cavitation treatment is at $33 so call Cenosis at 7000 700 6626!!!