Be a Proud Member!


Guess who has a spanking new member's VIP card?

Most of us have bought stuff from Watsons before and now we are about to be rewarded when we do so!

Introducing the launch of the new Watsons card!

The picture above is of the Watsons card
itself as well as the welcome pack, which includes:

A guide to your new card, as well as $150 worth of vouchers!

To get your card is incredibly simple.

Just buy your card at $5 at any Watsons store, and this gives you:

- A lifetime membership! No renewal costs!

- $150 worth of vouchers

- And 20 bonus points in the card upon online activation!

Here are 2 examples of the vouchers found in my thick stack:

And many more! I especially like the discounts on products that I regularly buy anyway such as make-up or shampoo. From ZA to Maybelline to Gillette to Pantene to KFC rebates and deals, this is definitely not a voucher book that you'd toss away.

How does the card work?

It works based on a Points system. The more points you earn, the more you get in cash rebates!

Not only that...

2x points whenever you purchase any Watsons' house brands,

and 5x points the first time you shop at Watsons during your birthday month!

5x is damn ridiculous lah! At this rate I'm going to do all my shopping during that one day in April only.

Once you get your card, it's important to remember to activate it, otherwise you won't be eligible for the 20 free bonus points!

Here's how:

Easy peasy

So get your card today and remember to go to:

to activate it!

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