Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Best Decisions

Today I was thinking about life and how decisions let us either make it or break it.

People often look back upon the decisions and even if it's an obviously wrong one, they go like, "Yeah but I'm not bad now and I think that decision made me wiser/stronger/fiercer etc". Or maybe that's just me coz I'm madly optimistic like that.

Well, I think my life is pretty darn good so here are all the best, totally life-changing, decisions I think I've made in my life!

Not in order of bestness.

1) Answering his email.

Many of you have asked about the love story between Mike and I. Well, to cut a very, very long story short (I still hope it'd be made into a movie although it has no ending, yet), we met on the internet.

Mike sent me an email. A rather typical one I'd say... He sent me that email because he likes short girls and wanted to correct me on my perception that all men love tall chicks!

That email was rather funny but afterall I get quite a lot of emails from readers and I don't bother to reply most of them.


His email had a picture attached to it. It's a CUTEEEEEE picture.

Still, he's from America and what's the point of flirting with him when I'd probably never get to meet him, right?!


So anyway, I replied, and a few more funny email replies from him later, we started to chat on msn... The rest is history... Or at least another blog post saved for another day!

Even if he breaks my heart now at least I still had 3 of the happiest years of my life and nothing can take that away!!

Are they my happiest years? Ok I just thought about it and they are indeed. Cheers!

2) Starting this blog.

Thank god I was bored that one day in April 2003.

3) Persevering through haters.

So many times I've wanted to give up and shut down the blog after reading hurtful comments. Keep in mind I wasn't earning any money at those points so I basically was getting spewed vitriol at for nothing!

Luckily for me, I'm bloody thick-skinned and an attention whore.

Surprisingly enough, nowadays haters just make me feel even more secure about myself.

I go like, "Boo, this sad little fellow is spending all his time writing me a longass email trying his darnest to hurt me but the tragic thing is that I can't even be bothered to reply!"

4) Checking through my spam that one fine day.

The first advertorial/sponsorship on my blog is by Localbrand. This has NEVER been done in Singapore and the idea was conceived by Localbrand's owner and founder, Turodrique Fuad. (His name is mad funny right?!)

His email went into my spam folder. (With a name like that obviously go into Spam ahahahaha!)

And for some reason I went to check it and saw that Turodrique wanted to sponsor and pay me to wear his t-shirts on my blog! Not wet white see-thru ones either!

I was a poor student part-timing as a banquet waitress at this point so obviously I jumped at the chance!

This received local news coverage (thanks Newpaper!) and made my hits jump from 500 daily to about 3,000.

We discussed more about how to do this (ie be honest it's an ad, or just do it sneakily? You can guess which route Turodrique advised me to choose - another great decision) and till today he remains one of the greatest mentors I've ever had.

Just for example, the Pixel Grid, which has earned me more than $10,000 to date, was suggested by him. (And he found it on milliondollarhomepage lah, just that he suggested I incorporate it on the blog).

I love you TurorororodridridriQQQQQue!

5) Getting a nose job

$12,000 nose job in exchange for letting the whole world know I'm part plastic. Yes or no?

My mom, relatives, some friends (yes you Howard!) and even MIKE were deeply opposing the idea.

It's funny how nobody EVER praised my old nose before and suddenly I'm filled with comments here and there saying "IT LOOKS OK WHAT!".

Totally don't look ok lor. Muthafucking huge.

I only remember Kaykay telling me to go for it. LOL!

I used to feel so conscious everytime my photo was taken coz I know the nose would be so goddamn mushroomy.

And yet I chose to go against all these people who meant well for me and did it! The nose is SO MUCH SMALLER NOW!

I totally can't dig my nose with my finger anymore but it's totally worth it. Believe it or not, I use the less severe end of the pimple picker (like a spatula) to scrap out boogers while showering. If you ever use my shower, I advise you not to use my pimple picker.

Why the hell you using other people's pimple picker anyway?!

6) Not apologizing to the Plasticzilla.

Coz she smells like armpits and smegma. HAHAHAHA! No lah seriously... I knew she had no balls!

7) Meeting/believing in Gillian.

For those of you who have no idea yet, Gillian is the founder of munkysuperstar pictures. She also created shows like Eye for a Guy, S factor... And of course the whole of Clicknetwork.tv's spew of great internet films and my very own TV show Girls Out Loud, co-hosted with Rozzie.

So the story goes like this: Two 'directors' arranged to meet me during 2006... Just so happens at about the same time.

I met the first director and nothing happened with her. She just said she wanted me to star in a film and then disappeared! Maybe my nose was too big.

When Gillian wanted to meet me to discuss a tv show with me, I felt pretty apprehensive but went to meet her anyway.

She was 26 then and honestly looks like she's too chio to be accomplishing anything of value.

Anyway she was speaking in these vague terms about creating a reality show based on my blog. She sounded really excited and said she'd draft up episodes and discuss with me again.

Sounds great, right?

Except the woman disappeared after that. Like for 3 months or so. Fucking waste my time and raise my hopes!! Fine, I do have a lot of time to waste but that's not the point.

Afterwards she called me again and said that she had the episode ideas ready and would like to meet me again!

And guess why she didn't contact me? Coz her appendix ruptured during the start of a 10-hour plane ride and almost killed her!!

People was in hospital recovering from near-death experience and there I was, telling my friends what a lazy ass that director is, all looks no substance etc. HAHAHA!

Ahem. I think I'm really quite a nasty person. I'm surprised I still have friends left. I guess it must be my dashing good looks and seductive scent. Cough.

Anyway, months and months and months later, this reality show idea, without much credit to me, morphed into Girls Out Loud and made me a TV star! An 8-episode local TV star but a TV star nonetheless!

And of course till today munkysuperstar is managing me and we have just celebrated our 50th Guide to Life episode!!

Most Guide ideas are from either her or Munky's awesome staff... With them I've experienced so much more in life, including putting Mayo on my hair and almost getting pinched to death by crabs...

Gillian is the one encouraging me to write the movie script and applied for the $6,000 grant, which we got! Hopefully it gets made into a full-length feature film!

And not only do we have a good (I hope) working relationship, she's also an awesome friend!

I bless the dua pek gong for the day I met her!

8) Not dating shitty guys anymore

One day just snapped out of it and realised that I'm at least worth a guy committing to me instead of just playing me around. A man who'd love me and think I'm perfect. Not a man who thinks the next girl might be better or more suitable for him than me.

Fuck that shit. I fucking had enough of JERKS who think they are all that! I'd rather be single than be treated like a dispensable and slightly used plastic fork!

Right on cue Mike appeared. I believe there must be a Love God.

Ok actually Mike appeared when I was still dating a jerk, but thank god he hung around for a bit longer while I talked to him about my Jerk Woes.


Ok fine. Upon re-reading my post I realised no. 2, 4, 7 are more of a luck thing than a decision thing. Whatever! They still involve at least a weee bit of decision-making on my part!

And so these are some of the best decisions I've made in my life! As Homer Simpson would crudely correct me, the best SO FAR!

Hopefully more to come!

What are some of the best decisions you've made that changed your life completely??