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I'm lying in bed now, having just woken up. My poor blog looks so stupid with no updates I've decided to tell you all about my mediocre day yesterday. First I woke up at 11am and the sun was blazing hot. Then I called my friend and yelled at him, "Omg let's go tanning!!!!" My friend said ok, but he needs to go to the gym first. I said I'd meet him at his place at 1.30pm then. Boiled potatoes to make mashed potatoes. Talked to shuyin on msn. Burnt potatoes. Whole house smelt like burnt potatoes. Hahahaha! I'm so descriptive. Ok fine, it smelt rancid. Cut off the burnt parts. Mashed potatoes with some water (no milk at home), chunks of butter and a dollop of mayo. It's fab. I make fab mashed potatoes. Mike came home for lunch. Pumpkin pooped on the shoe rack. Got walloped and time-out-ed in her toilet. (Till later) Packed potatoes in microwaveable rectangular plastic box and left for friend's place. Took a cab. Had the cleverness to call him before I

My life is drama-less and boring

Nothing's happening, so no updates. Boo! Almost wish someone would piss me off. No pictures either coz had nothing interesting to take pictures of.

More Rolling, now for men!

Advertorial Remember my Loreal-Garnier Eye Roll-On advertorial? Now Biotherm came up with a product similar to that, but for guys!! Tadah! The Biotherm High Recharge Yeux! Have no idea what Yeux means but it sure sounds all sciencey and like something that your eyes would love! Eyebags and dark eye rings are unattractive for BOTH men and women, but the difference is that there are loads of products for women to help them with this problem! I have like 5 different eye creams myself. -_- But none for men - till now! This little tube contains Pure Ginseng and Thermal Plankton among other ingredients to soothe tired eyes! It's an instant solution for men when it comes to erasing eye fatigue! This little cold metal ball gives easy application... it dispenses a cool, clear gel which perks up and feels good against drowsy eyes. Instant freshness! Men are usually lazy when it comes to the maintenance of their appearances, but there are ways to "persuade&

A Useful Study

Wanted to tweet this on Twitter but said website is down at the moment so here I am, blogging a short post! All sorts of studies are done everyday. Many are thoroughly useless and stupid. My friend just told me he has to watch over a few hundred hours of sneakily taken Hornbill videos to conclude how many hornbill moms eat their chicks. Or something like that. He told me that he saw a mummy hornbill kill 3 of her 4 chicks, but honestly, knowing that sort of information does no one any good, except if you are a hornbill male and you wanna fuck but don't want babies. But of course hornbill males have no idea how to calculate probability so this information is also useless to them. Anyway, my point is that studies should be a bit more useful! A very good one I can think of is: What percentage of forgiven cheating scumbags cheat again? And I mean like after you forgive your boyfriend for cheating on you, would he just do it again? Is it true, once a cheater, always a chea


XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE Guide to Weird Stuff! Ever wondered how edible panties taste like? I try it! National Day special! Guide to the horrible Great Singapore Workout! Guide to ghosts! Interview with a hilarious pontianiak and a pocong. Not to be mistaken with Potong, the delicious ice cream. CHICK VS DICK Is it true you can't eat 6 crackers in under a min? Watch them try! National day special! Kaykay and Paul's version of Don't forget the lyrics, Singapore style! BORED IN BIKINIS Sonia and Xuesha hits the gym! The girls try their hand at newscasting! Don't think they will be hired soonish.

Really ridiculous prices for your Adobe products!

Advertorial It's no secret that I am in love with Adobe Photoshop. My whole entire internet image is based on Photoshop. If I am forced to never use Photoshop again, I will never take another photo of my face. (Fine, I am exaggerating. I know I do not photoshop my Photos of the Moment, but that's coz they are blurry shots and anyway I don't post many photos of myself there!) I'd say that two of my favourite blog entries are centered around photoshop! Here's the one where I photoshop various people to look better, and here's the one who where I photoshop the ugliest childhood photos of myself . My Photoshop Gems! Transform Plasticzilla into a chio bu without going through all her real life PS. Made Jack Black look like Ashton Kutcher! Amazing not?! Anyway, loads of loads of you have asked me where to purchase Photoshop from. Well, this blog entry is gonna tell some of you REALLY good news! Like it's so awesome that I won't e

SG River Festival, A pic with Zoe Tay, and NDP rehearsal parade!

Picture-flooding time! Attended the Singapore River Festival with other Nuffnang bloggers. It was blistering hot but fun! Tied my hair in a bow for the night. If you wanna know how I did it check out this video! I must say it looks uber cute with blonde hair! Not liking the roots though. With Pinkpau and Kenny With Jessica and Boss Ming atop our boat ride! It was so breezy on the boat. Fun! Merlion Wongsie's birthday! At Udders eating lovely ice cream. I had earl grey and durian! Mad love. Lewis and Eekean stuffing faces And there's her taking a picture with the courtesy lion. And the pool noodle I just bought! -_- Saw a most gorgeous rainbow just outside the old condo. Mike woke me up to see it, saying, "Baby, you'd have to see this!" Even the LX3's wide-angle lens were not enough to capture the rainbow from end-to-end, so I stitched it up with photoshop. Not a very good job though. Oh well! It's not often we see such bi