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Random photos - a lot of Wongsie being disgraceful

WJust realised I got a collection of photos!! No theme, just pics. Here's a shaggy-looking Pumpkin getting her head stuck in an Ikea plastic bag while watching me pack clothes in the new house! Looking ridiculously cute as she struggles to get out. I'm not helping her, she has to learn to be independent! Little menace got out and started to mess up my piles of neatly folded apparel. Dinner with Lewis and Eekean at Newton before we go watch H is for Hantu . Shengrong was late! And check out Lewis's mad-huge SLR! Om nom nom..... Wongsie loves freaking parsley ok! The evidence on her plate as she chows Lewis's orh lua's parsley!! Gross to the max. My cousin's daughter Chloe sitting in an Ikea swing. Gorgeous colours! Dinner with Mike At our favourite restaurant My crabmeat linguine... Would kill for a plate now! Mike's seafood pasta... Not as fab as mine! New wallet!! So chio!! Here's Nanolove, the fattest, laziest ha