Monday, September 14, 2009


Here's the long awaited video for my kiss with Kaykay!!

Click to watch!!

Many of you commented I'm uglier than Kaykay and that I'm the worse kisser.

I appreciate your honesty.

Just kidding, I wish you all would fall down a drain. But regardless, both KK and I enjoyed filming for this!!!

Lousy kisser or crooked teeth, at least she's willing to kiss moi!! IT MEANS I'M MAD AWESOME MUAHAHA!!

Meanwhile I'm thoroughly blushing coz never in my life has the word "hot" been used so many times in a sentence with my name in it.

You know, I'm a PERSONALITY sorta girl.

p/s: Wanbao called to say that parents were complaining about how horribly controversial this kiss video is. Loves it.