Transparent is the New Black



This is the new LG phone, the LG GD900 Crystal:

It seems so boring.

However, the LG Crystal has a secret!!

Something no other phones in the market have...

Have you spotted it yet??

It has a utterly transparent keypad!!

OMGWTFBBQ!!! So transparent, that in fact, every girl having the privilege of getting the phone is doing this:

Now I see you, now I don't... wait, I still do coz it's transparent! HAHAHA!

To be honest, I saw a demo video of the phone about a month ago, before it was launched in Singapore, and I was THOROUGHLY AMAZED!

Not only does the keypad work, it has this pale white glowy light lighted up from goodness knows where coz I certainly can't see any bulbs!!


The alphanumeric transparent keypad doubles as a touchpad for controlling the phone.

It can be used like a laptop trackpad, has handwriting recognition, responds to multi-touch commands and accommodates Gesture Command. (Meaning if you use your finger to write an M, Music turns on!!

Technology is amazing!!!

The LG Crystal also comes with a ridiculously powerful 8mp camera. Tried and tested. Its photo quality made my current phone die of shame.

BOTH the main screen and touchpad are touch-sensitive. Makes web-surfing a breeze! Wifi-enabled, MP3 player... And all that jazz that smartphones nowadays come embedded with.

But the thing that sets the LG Crystal apart from the multitude of other smartphones is STYLE.

Afterall, who else is so Clearly Fashionable? Eh, eh? See the pun??

I know, I totally stole the LG slogan and tried to pass it off as my own joke, but still.

I really like the transparent touchpad. The touchpad is in fact a slim tempered glass, and the battery door is also transparent.

Therefore, there is a space in between the touchpad and battery door!!

This gave me ideas, so......

I pour crystals into the space!!

So chio!!

However, this makes the phone not be able to slide completely close, so maybe you don't want to do that.

But this opens up a whole world of possibilities on how to customize your phone!

You can stick a photo on the battery door and it can be seen from the front, etc!

Transparent phone in transparent heart

Anyway, you must be thinking, "Talk so much, are you going to show us a contest where we can win this phone or not??"

YES I AM!!!!!

The contest is real simple, and FUN too!!

All you have to do, first, is to join LG Crystal's fan page on facebook, HERE.

And follow these steps:

1) Take a photo of yourself with something transparent, and hype it up. Express what you think is your interpretation of Clearly Fashionable!!

2) Upload your photo into the facebook page under the Photos tab.

3) Explain how you are Clearly Fashionable in under 150 words.

4) Also remember, to qualify, you have to join as a fan!

How creative you are will determine whether you win a brand new phone worth $938!!!

There are SIX LG Crystals to be won!!

Since I was informed I was going to do this advertorial some time ago, I've been thinking of different ideas on how to make this contest more inspiring for you all!!

SO, I actually took 3 sets of photos with the transparent stuff I own.

First look:

Trying to look avant garde with all
my transparent bangles and rings... Haha!!

Second look:

Bubble-gum pop with happy colours!!

Transparent goes with any colour, right? So more colours please!

I tied my hair with cellophane (or cling wrap) and also wrapped it round my tube in the form of a toga!

Not sure if it looks too... fashionable... though. Might just look like a bit ding dong. Oh well at least I tried.

I like the clear hair ribbons! They surprisingly hold my hair pretty well...

[And btw I'm supposed to look like I can't pick between my two totes. Unfortunately I'm not a very good at emoting or acting.]

Look three:

Transparent = clean, so I got inspired to do a clinical sorta look.

Thus the whiteness and the transparent tongs!!

Love the colours in this one.

And that's a cherry tomato there. Also loving the clear skull bangle!

Inspired to snap your own photos too?

Remember to submit your own Clearly Fashionable pictures and fight for the free LG Crystal!!

Remember, Transparent is the new black!

p/s: Which look do you think is the best?

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