Sorry about the lack of blog entries.... Been really busy lately! And tonight is the Nuffnang Asia pacific blog Awards!!

Right now I'm in Mosche (hyatt 5th floor, 67355443) doing my hair for tonight - and blogging on my blackberry!! Muahahaha

Someone asked me what I'm doing on the 24th and I said.... Masturbating with my trophies!!! Ahahahahah!!!

Ok that's a JOKE. Firstly, don't even know if I'll get ONE trophy moreover trophieS.

Secondly, I don't do obscene things like said previous action! I'm all zen and beyond that!! Hehe

But anyway thanks for voting, those who did! Those who didn't, or voted others... Fuck u! What's wrong with u??

Quite excited indeed! Remember to follow my twitter or keep coming back here tonight as I'd be live blogging with the berry!!


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