Krrunching my way to Uniquely Singapore


Everyone else nominated for the Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards have already done their blog entries, and I was getting a bit panicky.

So panicky, that in fact, I even asked my fat hammie, Nanolove, for help. (On an irrelevant side note, Nanolove is proof that being Vegetarian does not make you skinny or healthy)

This is the exchange that happened between us:

I wondered how she's going to help me...

There she is, toppling a Pringles can of chips...

Oh no Nano you greedy puff, you are not helping by just eating!

But soon....

Nano reduced the chips from the above...

to the following:


That's a lot of biting for a small hammie!

"Hand me a pencil!" she yelled at me, full of artistic zeal. So I gave her one...


Me: "Ahh... That's very sweet and all,
but what has this got to do with Pringles?"


After several hours, which are equal of decades in hammie years:


A piece of art made solely from Pringles chips!! Coral from Grilled Scrimp, Green from Seaweed, and Cream from Salt and Pepper + Sour Cream and Onions!!

More photos of the process:

Oh Nano is love!!! :D :D :D :D

So! Remember to....

I even made the text bling bling!!! How can you reject the hard work of a hammie?! Are you human?! Voteeeee!!

It's very easy! All you have to do is to select me for Best Original Blog Design and Most Influential Blog!

It is necessary to also vote for the other categories, but I don't care about those so you can vote for whoever you like!!

No registration is necessary - just a few clicks! There aren't even pop-up ad spams!!! Fab isn't it? :D

And remember you can vote once every 2 hours so please be obsessive!!

Okok... Childish hammie stories aside, here's WHY you should vote for me.

I am not going to go into one of those stupid touching posts about how much it would mean for me (and it would mean a lot, if you are the sort who likes touching posts)...

You should vote for me because I will BRIBE YOU!!!

For the next one week, whether you vote or not to reward my hard work, I am going to blog the following posts:

1) Finally post up Photoshop entries sent by blog readers. Over 100 photos and FUCKING HILARIOUS.

2) Blog entry titled: How to be an Internet Bitch and Win Blog Wars. Secrets of writing an awesome blog entry against your enemy!

3) And with that post, an example of a good hate post against me!

These are to reward my awesome readers who have already voted for me, or are going to!!

Now to make the lazier part of you click on the voting poll too, provided I win BOTH categories, I am going to blog about:

THE Love Story

Up till now, only close friends know how I got to know Mike and what made him come to Singapore - and what happened after that!

The time is ripe now. :) And this will happen after October 23rd, 2009, when the awards ceremony will be held.

As if these are not reason enough, here's why I DESERVE your vote:

For Best Original Blog Design:

I've seen (nice) people comment that they are voting for me for Influential, but not for Blog Design.

Their reasoning is that the underdogs should be given a chance to shine, or that since I'm already in another category, it is enough to win just one.

Why?? Did I not work hard on my blogskin too?

I had a designer work on the coding, that's true, but my designer Lionel and I both bounced loads of ideas off each other, and while he handled the back end, I did a lot of the graphics and conceptualizing with him too!

If I win, the award will be shared with him and fuck man, he is an underdog who is goddamn hardworking too!

And pardon me for being arrogant, but my Photo of the Moment idea is just FABULOUS (Don't pretend you don't love it), and it is totally an ORIGINAL idea that I came up with! It is not inspired or copy from ANYWHERE.

And as for the awesome little speech bubble with the twitter feed on the top banner? The one thing that so many other bloggers are COPYING?


Lionel skinned Bossming's blog back in March.

Yeah, so maybe Bossming should win the Best Original Blog Design - except that he is the boss and cannot possibly be nominated. MUAHAHA!

But in any case, I've credited Lionel from the start, ok!

I'm not saying anything, but please, vote for ORIGINALITY!

I'm feeling a bit pissed now coz I feel that for these artsy categories, if I win, everyone will say it is a popularity contest.

But whatever lah! I really think my blogskin is the CHIOEST!! And I KNOW that I put in muthafucking a lot of effort (and hours of photoshopping) into it! And so did poor Lionel!!

For Most Influential Blog:

I was asked what I think my most influential blog post is.

I think it's THIS one. The article on Molesters using aerosol foam sprays on victims.

Besides getting 3702 signatures on the petition to ban aerosol foam sprays, after I blogged about the issue (after experiencing it first hand), forums starting discussing it, and both Newspapers and the evening news covered it:

On Sunday Times

I'm gonna be all high-browed now and say that, ahem, besides getting people to buy blackberries or making them desire to have a Princess Room, a good blog also highlights important social issues and transcends into other medium!

That was total bullshit.

But I am as influential as a blogger can be and someone should give me a trophy for it, GODDAMN IT!



The Awards will be held in Pan Pacific Hotel and sounds totally glamourous!! I can't wait to see all the other bloggers coming from other countries.

You should have seen bloggers from all over the world writing UBER creative posts just to win a chance to come to Singapore!! :D I'm totally proud of my country.


Some 3 cans of Pringles were harmed in the making of this blog entry.

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