The Ris Low Reply

Since many of you have requested that I blog about our most recent Miss Singapore World, I thought I'd go one step further and ask her if she'd like to guest blog her opinion on this whole crazy saga!

So here's what she replied:

It is like an overnight stardom. From nothing to something.

Firstly I would like to tell everyone that I had no intentions of getting my credit card fraud leaked out (but thanks to you-know-who), it became a secret that everybody knew.

I got free publicity so thank you to people who hate me. I don’t care!

Before that was my bad English. How many people can speak good and perfect queen’s English if you are a first timer in front of a camera? Not many people can speak well in front of public crowds much less in front of a microphone. Go ahead – laugh. See how much you’ll be enjoying when I pop out of nowhere and start to shove a microphone down your throat. Oh, I forgot, by then you can’t speak as you’ll be too busy handling the black tube.

Claire, thanks but no thanks to your pretentious attitude towards me. You know you aren’t popular and hence, used me to create awareness for yourself. You are a good friend (oh someone please shoot me). Please, if you were to diss me, make sure people don’t let me know about it. I know it is hard for someone like you to keep a secret but at least make it less obvious.

I’ve seen enough of you, talked enough of you and I TOTALLY CAN’T BE BOTHERED.

REPORTERS, STOP WRITING NONSENSE. I do regret my past and stop twisting words around! It is irritating!

So that about sums it all up.

I thought she'd write more to scold reporters but it's mostly focused on Claire!! (who is the first runner-up).

Anyway, dunno if you guys have heard about ST Online naming Ris' photo SG-STUPID.JPG or something...

How fucking horrible is that? Here's my general rule for calling someone a moron:

It's only ok to call someone stupid
if they are acting like a smartass.

I mean, you don't tell a mentally retarded person they are stupid, do you? So what's with all these comments about Ris' IQ or whatever?

Bad English does not equal to stupid!

When I first saw her video, I conceded that her spoken English is a little funny. But it sure didn't make me laugh out loud and honestly, the BOOMZ jokes that ensued for about a thousand years afterwards were totally stale.

Cmon, is it really that funny?

You know what I think was EVEN more funny?

The Razor TV host asking dumbass questions like:

"So Ris, you are the daring fashionista in this pageant,
is this your strategy to win??"

No, fucktard, my strategy is to fuck the judges.

"Are you a big fan of South African influences?"

How is anyone supposed to answer a stupid question like that? Define fucking South African influences!

Good on Ris for even bothering to answer these questions man.

Almost all the comments I've read regarding this issue goes something like this: "Oh I can't believe someone like that is representing Singapore!"


Honestly, who gives a shit about Miss Sg World?!

Did you know who the past year's winner is?? Do you know ANYYYYYY past year winners?

And oh, suddenly this year you are sooooooo concerned that the Miss Sg World will embarrass Singapore? Pui!

Oooh!!!!!!!!! Ris and Claire should just fight it out in a Jello fight!!!

I think Ris would win. She seems like she's full of hidden unorthodox talents. I'm also rooting for her to win!!

She may not be the cleverest, the kindest, or the most polite, but you can't deny she's fucking interesting!!

As for the Claire girl? Doing charity work? Cmon, gimme a break. You can't get more boring than that if you were knitting socks for orphans.

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