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Crystal's Best Friend

Today I got one of the weirdest FB message from one of the weirdest people I've ever heard from: Because you are obviously bonkers. And you don't use 's correctly. I don't understand why she has to keep asking me how Disneyland was. Is it that important? It's all on my fucking blog wtf. p/s: No, I don't know Crystal Siew at all, ok? That's why it's funny, coz she (Miu) is so random! p/p/s: What's all this about me being MEAN?? I mosaic-ed her face and name what! Not like anyone knows who this is... WTF. State opinion about an unknown person also cannot?? UPDATE: OMG! So many of your moralistic fucksticks reading me! Yabbering this and that about how old this chick and is all... Listen: WHO GIVES A FUCK WHETHER SHE IS 6 or 60?? The point is I didn't state her name or post her photo! For all you know she could be a fictional character I created... Then you'd feel really stupid now, won't you?? And besides, when I posted t

Disneyland Hongkong Part 1!

Thanks to Disneyland Hong Kong for sponsoring this super fun trip for us bloggers! Well, they are not vetting or paying for this so I guess this is a normal post and not an advert! :D To start with... THIS TRIP WAS SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Like everyone said it was so enjoyable! In fact, I don't remember the last time I went to Disneyland, in LA, as being even CLOSE to this fun! ( Post here ) DEFINITELY one of my best holidays... I guess it's coz of the company... Everyone was nice, funny, and I especially LOVE the girl bloggers coz they are all so vain, camwhorish and bimbotic! Like me!! HAHAHA Ok lah I guess Estee, Ming's girlfriend, is the mature one but the rest of the girls are all decidedly childish (I mean that in a good way), even Redmummy who is a mother of 2!! LOL Us girls were being so frivolous wearing Disney merchandise and shopping and snapping like SHITLOADS of photos... We went to Hongkong for 2.5 days and Day 1 and 2 were for exploring Disneyla