Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crystal's Best Friend

Today I got one of the weirdest FB message from one of the weirdest people I've ever heard from:

Because you are obviously bonkers.

And you don't use 's correctly.

I don't understand why she has to keep asking me how Disneyland was. Is it that important? It's all on my fucking blog wtf.

p/s: No, I don't know Crystal Siew at all, ok? That's why it's funny, coz she (Miu) is so random!

p/p/s: What's all this about me being MEAN?? I mosaic-ed her face and name what! Not like anyone knows who this is... WTF. State opinion about an unknown person also cannot??

UPDATE: OMG! So many of your moralistic fucksticks reading me! Yabbering this and that about how old this chick and is all... Listen: WHO GIVES A FUCK WHETHER SHE IS 6 or 60??

The point is I didn't state her name or post her photo!

For all you know she could be a fictional character I created... Then you'd feel really stupid now, won't you??

And besides, when I posted this, I didn't even click on her profile. I didn't know how old she was, but even if I did, I doubt it would have changed a single thing.

It beats the hell out of me how so many of you saints managed to find her fb profile.

Fucking ironic too, if you ask me.

If this annoys you, if you think that I'm abusing my 'power' and that I'm mean-spirited, you know what to do don't you?


But instead, there you are, reading, commenting, and even going on fb to search for this chick's fb profile and nitpicking shit. Ridiculous.

And some of you are pitying this supposedly poor girl. Save your condescending sympathy. There are much sadder beings out there than a girl who was called bonkers by a blogger she pestered, ok?? And since when did you care so much? Go channel your energies to consoling people whose families died in natural disasters can?

There are over 3 billion blogs out there... Surely there are a few that are up to your high moralistic standards. So go read those, and stop trying to change me or tell me what to do. It's not gonna work.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Disneyland Hongkong Part 1!

Thanks to Disneyland Hong Kong for sponsoring this super fun trip for us bloggers!

Well, they are not vetting or paying for this so I guess this is a normal post and not an advert! :D

To start with... THIS TRIP WAS SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Like everyone said it was so enjoyable!

In fact, I don't remember the last time I went to Disneyland, in LA, as being even CLOSE to this fun! (Post here)

DEFINITELY one of my best holidays...

I guess it's coz of the company... Everyone was nice, funny, and I especially LOVE the girl bloggers coz they are all so vain, camwhorish and bimbotic! Like me!! HAHAHA

Ok lah I guess Estee, Ming's girlfriend, is the mature one but the rest of the girls are all decidedly childish (I mean that in a good way), even Redmummy who is a mother of 2!! LOL

Us girls were being so frivolous wearing Disney merchandise and shopping and snapping like SHITLOADS of photos...

We went to Hongkong for 2.5 days and Day 1 and 2 were for exploring Disneyland... Day 2's night and Day 3 were for SHOPPING!

It was mad awesome.

About 200 photos so I'm splitting the post into 2 days...

Touch down at Hongkong's airport... Can you spot my luggage?

Mike panicking while waiting for his

With the SG bloggers Ming and Estee

In the cab

I snapped this shot and I told everyone I'm going to caption it "In the cab". They all agreed it's a snappy caption and that I put loads of effort into blogging.

Reached Disneyland Hotel!!!

LOVE IT! The place is decorated rather old-school Victorian style... Classy and grand but not too stuffy. And you know... With cartoons!

Put down our luggage and went for lunch with the Msian bloggers...

Ketchup Mickey kinda looks like boobs

There they are, already snapping shots!!

From left: Redmummy, Cheesie, Audrey and Tim (holding cam).

Bloggers very competitive one ok everything also must snap photos of!

Ming and Estee pondering over what to eat

Cute kids are everywhere!

Here are the girls' food

I just ordered fries with what looks like freshly whipped homemade mayo! Yums

Cheesie and Audrey camwhoring with my camera!

Decorations in Xmas themes

Our receptionist

And here's our room!!

There's two queen sized beds lah! Perfect for families but one bed was completely unused in my case...

NO WAIT IT WAS USED! To pile all my shopping on! MUAHAHA

Guess what the telly was showing?

Even the sheets are Alice in Wonderland themed!

Castled headboard

Me being silly while Mike showers... :)

So cute! All these can be brought back home if you wished to!

The various dwarves are so useful!

Here are the bedroom slippers in Baby, Mama and Papa sizes! Middle one's missing coz I was wearing it! Same thing for bathrobes.

In case you didn't know what it was.

That's it for the rooms!

We adjoin downstairs to meet the Disney Reps for a meeting!

They were oh-so-generous and ordered shitloads of High Tea-ish stuff for us! Sorry lah I dunno what these are called...

Tray after tray arrived... Totally cannot finish lor!

Me with ribbon hair! I thought it could perhaps pass off as Mickey-ish ears??

And here's our map for later!

It's huge! I know a lot of you say that the Disneyland in Hongkong is tiny, and it is, in comparison to the ones in Florida or LA... But so what?

I still think it's bloody big!

And I'm not just saying that coz I went on a sponsored trip.

It's big enough to occupy you for 1 whole day, that's for sure... Which is more than enough for me lor.

Doesn't mean smaller = not enjoyable what!

Here's a group pic of us + Disney reps (in black, back row)!

We were all given this little spectacles, which is actually called a Hologram Viewer (according to Cheesie, wrong blame her)!


See the little heart at the bottom?

When you look thru the 'lens', all the lights around you will magically form a HEART SHAPE OMGWTFBBQ!!

It's true!

Here's the best picture I could take via my camera, but when you look through it, it is VERY distinct!

It makes everything around look SO GORGEOUS!

And the reason why we were given this is coz the park is very well lit up at night, and when you see FIREWORKS through the hologram viewer, it's a completely surreal experience!

Comes in Snowflake, Heart and Snowmen patterns! And can only get this from DISNEY!

Redmummy dangerously camwhoring on the road...
Bus almost knocked her down lor

Mike and I

With the cute Malaysian girls... Why are they so cute omg!

With Redmummy too! She looks damn young but is 34!

And we arrive in DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

So excited must camwhore

Here's Mickey riding what looks like the Twitter fail whale


The dudes checking our bags...

SERIOUSLY OK... This guy's name is JOKER.

I saw his name tag said Joker, so I asked him if his name is really Joker and he said yes!!!!!!!!

It's not only funny but terribly ironic for a security guard whose job is really kinda nothing like a joke. LOL!!!!!!!


Part of what makes Disneyland so magical is that there is music EVERYWHERE you go!!!!!


Like no matter which part of the park you are at, happy music is always piping and lifting your mood!

This choral group was singing underneath the crazy tall Xmas tree!

Audrey hologramming

Awwww so cute!!

I had to FORCE him to let me take a pic of him with Stitch on his head...

And it was time for the Xmas parade!!!!

One of the pretty parade girls...

And the Xmas tree flashes different sets of lights!! Very breath-taking...

Nicely sets the mood for Xmas

Mike's hood flew up!!


With the girls!

And we enter Small World or whatever it's called lah...

So pretty omg

Figurines gliding out of the castle...

Chio backdrop!

Us on the ride... We got a pink car! So lucky!

The ride was very peaceful and "It's a Small World" kept playing over and over again in many different languages!

We went from continent to continent... Quite fun to spot the different nationalities!

O hai! Didn't know you worked in Disneyland...

Me to Mike: "BABY! It's Texas!"

The special Xmas theme with Lil Bo Peep and her... Duck?

And done! After this we go on the Tea Cups!

Spinning round and round!

Once the guards let our batch in everyone started to RUN for their favourite tea cup...

It was ridiculous... I tried to get in two different tea cups but each time was cut off by some rude kid rushing in first!

Some other kid and I were then running for the last cup so I ran damn fast and elbowed the bitch out of the way!

That's for disrespecting your elders stupid girl! Hmpf! Anyway Cheesie saw this disgraceful scene and laughed at me.


I got snatched TWICE of what was rightfully mine ok! I came first and they robbed me of my cups!

Nasty rude kids. Ahem.

And finally, it's time for the FIREWORKS!!!

Everyone was so excited...

Ridiculously chio castle...

AND BOOM!!!!!!

So pretty!!

My favourite was to watch the colourful fireworks (such as the above) with the hologram viewer!!!!!!!

Cheesie managed to snap a really good shot of how it will look like so I stole a piccie from her blog:

Credits Cheeserland

Here's how it looks like on a colourful Xmas tree so imagine how the fireworks would look like! MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD CHIO!

After many failed shots of the fireworks (obviously not posted up since FAIL), I decided to just enjoy it instead of frantically snapping photos with the blasted (punny hahaha) Fireworks mode on my Lumix which kinda sucks...


Of ALL the fireworks shows I've EVER seen in my entire this, this Disney one is BY FAR THE BEST!!!!!!!

Not only is it shooting off aside a gorgeous castle, there was also beautiful music...

Music from all our favourite cartoons that filled us with wonder and hope and whatever good feelings there are when we were kids...


Disney oughta pay the inventor like a zillion dollars coz watching fireworks with the hologram viewer just makes it SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!!!

For a long moment you just forget about all the nasty stuff in the world like that weird itch or your balding problem... It's just beauty and magic and glitter and hologram chioness!!!!!

It was nice...................

So nice............

I'm actually still having Disney withdrawal symptoms.

Oh well I'd go back there soon!

Part 2 will be coming up shortly!! It's even longer than this entry -_-

:D :D :D :D

I had a really fun time so anyone who didn't are either grumpy prudes or just didn't go with the right company/in the right weather. I love Disneyland (any Disneyland in the world for that matter) and will delete spoilsport comments which say it's not fun!

Stop spoiling shit for others goddamn it!

Linkies for my travel buddies:


Mike is the most shiok of all coz he went on free trip and doesn't need to blog about it!