The Battle Against the Double Chin


After getting a nose job, the thing I hated the most about my face had to be my chin and neck.

I know you guys are probably thinking I am being ludicrous, but most of the pictures you see on this blog are majorly photoshopped anyway! You have no idea how much I have to push my jaw in with liquify (photoshop tool)!!!!!!!

And not to mention my stupid fatass neck. What a stupid area to get fats in!

Anyway, double chins and neck fats are notoriously hard to get rid of. I remembered asking Dr Martin Huang how he would suggest I get a bloody slender neck, and he gave me loads of options but all of them sounded rather complicated (and expensive)!

He also suggested perhaps a chin implant, but...

1) I don't wanna end up looking like THIS FREAK:


And 2) I HAVE A CHIN!!! I do! It's just that it's hidden under fats!

So you can imagine I was really quite excited when I was given a new product to try:

THE FACE BRA!!!!!!!!!!

Here's Yufit's hot face shaper bra!

And their Age and Lock neck and chin face bra...

The difference between the two products is that one (the hot one) is meant to burn fats while the other moisturises and reduces wrinkles!

And both do facial slimming, lifting up of face and reducing double chin!!

I think it's really cool that people are finally coming up with products meant for the chin and neck, which are so often neglected and yet as important as the face!

A box of the Hot face bra for $35 with 7 packets inside.

Age-lock with 14 masks altogether in one box.

The Hot face bra claims to be "self-heating".
Does it really work?

And what exactly is a "FACE BRA"??

I'm going to try it on now!!

Here's the mask stretched out.

Hang both ends on your ears!!

And the suspicious liquid on my shin was dripped from the mask. -_-

And I have it on!

SHOCKINGLY enough, after about 5 mins of having the face bra on, it started to heat up!!

And I mean REALLY heat up!!

I don't know what magical ingredient is in there but if it's so hot it's surely burning SOMETHING right??

AND you won't believe this but it continues being hot for the next 40 mins! I mean hot is in "spicy" hot, not temperature hot btw.

Anyway I had to wait for 30 - 40 minutes while having the mask on so while waiting, I check out the other products Lush Group sent me!

Sunscreen, 2 bb creams, and 2 foundations!!

And check out Elishacoy's luscious masks and cleanser!!

Of all the products they sent me, my favourite is...

The Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub!!!!

It looks all brownish and gross here but I assure you that it's super luxurious!!!!!!!

I'm madly in love with it!

The scrub smells SO FREAKING GOOD! The smooth brown gel just glides onto your skin and it smells like rich chocolate with a strong caramel scent...

I was so freaking tempted to taste it but managed to stop myself...

When you put it on your skin, you can feel the sugar grains... And as you rub and exfoliate, the grains disappear!

Not only does your skin become super soft afterwards, you can also see how u look like tan coz the gel is dark brown!! LOL... So fun.

I also like their cleanser btw. It's pretty good! Not too dry after using and quite foamy.

Also, Elishacoy’s product are all made from organic and botanical ingredients which are suitable for sensitive skin!!

Ok after 40 mins of the hot face bra...



BEFORE, with no photoshop on chin/jawline

AFTER!! (With Pumpkin climbing on my lap)

It's a bit hard to tell the difference so here are the before and after side by side:

What do you think? Got difference???

Here's another Before and After photo I took about 1 month ago when I first got the product...

I think the slimming is more apparent here!

I mean obviously the difference is not going to be freaking remarkably different. After all, I only tried the mask twice, and it's not magic!

I can definitely feel my skin tighten though. Even if it doesn't slim down your face or your face is slim enough, it is still useful to prevent wrinkles and moisturize!

So here I am also doing the Age and Lock mask on my neck!!! :D :D :D It makes me look like I have a stiff collar. LOL!!

Can't believe I showed you all my non-photoshopped jawline!! Utterly flabby and gross!!

Here's the photoshopped one. I insist.

Definitely more effective than the face bra but too bad it can't be used in real life. Boo!!!!!

Last chio pic!

Yufit's face shaper bra and Age-Lock Cold face shaper bra cost $35 each and are available at all SASA cosmetic stores and John Little departmental stores.

Elishacoy's products are available at all John Little departmental stores. Have fun shopping!

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