Delicious Like Mee!


Everyone knows I'm a HUGE fan of instant mee.

Besides the fact that I mostly take my dinners at about 3am when food choices are sparse, instant mee can also be really delicious!!

And not to mention easy to prepare.

So imagine how happy I was when Nong Shim (and that's an instant mee brand in case you live in a box) sponsored me 2 huge packs of their new flavours to try!!


Here I am, pretending to be a connoisseur of noodles with a crudely drawn on chef hat.

And my noodles - in Kimchi and Curry Ramen! Both sound promising!

Ok lah I'd be honest here. Actually I didn't think the kimchi sounded promising, because I don't like kimchi!

However, there is something different about THIS packet:

It has freaking CHEESE in it!!

I've never tried Nong Shim noodles prior to this, so before agreeing to do this advertorial, I asked Shuyin if their noodles were nice. She answered that they were, and the kimchi flavour tasted really good if cheese were to be added to it.

So I guess the company has realised this and made new flavours with cheese already added inside for everyone's convenience!

In fact, I did some research and found out that the Koreans all put cheese in their kimchi noodles! It's like a norm there!

Nong Shim's kimchi noodle has been a major hit in Singapore since its launch and still is - but this new variant is added with cheese for a twist!

BOTH variants can be found in all major supermarkets.

And another friend, Sheng Rong, abso-fucking-lutely LOVES Nong Shim. He said it's his FAVOURITE instant mee. But then again he also likes sea urchin and stuff like that, so I didn't really trust him.

Well, it's time to try them out!

Here's my "lunch" (8pm)... The packets are HUGE! The tiny packet is your normal instant mee's size.

The instructions are very precise - down to the SECOND!! It tells you to cook for 4mins 30seconds.

However, for a master chef such as myself, I'm gonna cook it according to my superior gut feel.

Here's my ingredients for the Curry Ramen... Not including the can opener and tomato timer at the background - We have...

- Coconut Milk
- An egg

It is of course not necessary to add the extra ingredients in but imho, curry ramen always tastes better with an egg in it!

The coconut milk of course makes it much more fragrant.

Inside the packs...

Bringing my soup to a boil...

Egg added...


Here's my work of art - how does it look??

I don't care what you say, it looks awesome!

QQ bouncy noodles... Yums!

Now for the taste test:


It's damn nice lah!!

You will notice that my noodles are rather dry. That's coz I love the soup thicker and more tasty - plus (and these are words of wisdom), you can always add plain water to the soup if it's too thick, but if it's too diluted you can't do anything about it!

Anyway, the curry is really different from all the other curry flavoured noodles!

It is thicker... more "sandy" if u know what I mean, in a good way - more textured. Also not so spicy - kinda like japanese curry!

Loves it!!

Nong shim's noodles, as Sheng Rong has warned me, are a bit difficult to get perfect. And I mean the noodles themselves.

The noodles are slightly thicker and more Q than normal instant mee, so to get it right you have to take them out whenever they are ready - ie after every noodle stopped being hard!

The end result - soft and smooth on the outside, with the core delightfully al dente!! It's carb heaven!

Now for the Cheese Kimchi flavour!

Here's my ingredients for this:

- Veggies - is it called Xiao bai cai??
- Cheese cubes!

Bright red flavouring

After adding the powder to the base, the smell of cheese came out so strongly that I decided to just use one extra cube of cheese instead of two coz it really seems to be enough already!


I felt a little apprehensive eating this (as I didn't like kimchi) but it's scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!

To my pleasant surprise, it doesn't have the very strong sour smell of kimchi at all! Or maybe it does (I only had kimchi ONCE) but somehow I love it!!

The soup is delightfully savoury and flavourful... Spicy, with the melty aftertaste of cheese. And yes, the cheese can DEFINITELY be tasted!! Very creamy too!

It is a very unique flavour. No other noodles I've ever tried tastes even vaguely similar!!

Hiyah don't know how to describe lah. It's just nice and yummy! Not very expensive anyway so just go try it out yourself!!

Here's Mike and I eating our noodles while watching TV!!!!

He looks so blissful everytime I cook, lol

And finished right to the last bite!!

You hungry yet?

Get your own Nong Shim at all major supermarkets! :D

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